In recent years, the demand for top-quality content writers has grown by leaps and bounds in India. Today, content plays an important role in every industry of the world, especially in marketing. Every day, there are millions of articles, blogs, and other content are being written in a variety of niches. In the last two years, content writing has become the most lucrative field to work in. 

Many people often ask about what is the difference between creative writing and content writing. To put it in simple words, content writing is the process of writing content for the online world, while creative writing is not done for business or professional purposes. 

Content writing as a career today opens up many doors, and there are tremendous opportunities. As the demand for content writers is rapidly increasing in India, we are witnessing many dedicated and exclusive positions for content writers offering out-of-the-box content solutions to firms. In fact, many content writing jobs are also outsourced, and the industry for freelance content writing is also booming like never before in India.

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So what do you need to become a content writer?

Ideally, having a degree in journalism, literature, and mass communication are preferred by recruiters. Nevertheless, companies are also open to hiring anyone with excellent communication and writing skills. The field of content writing is very extensive, and if you have strong writing and communication skills, you can think about becoming a content writer. Having a thorough knowledge of various fields that you can write about is also a bonus. 

What are the career opportunities for content writers?

There is a massive demand for good content writers in India today. Apart from taking up permanent employment with a company, becoming a full-time content creator or blogger is another great option. As mentioned above, freelancing in content writing is also a lucrative career, with many freelancers taking home five-figure earnings every month.Over time, as a freelancer content writer gains experience, they can even earn around INR 40 to 50 thousand per month.

If you also want to open up your career options in content writing,but don’t know how to go about the process, well, wonder no more. Unluclass has the perfect solution for you – writing classes with the great author Ruskin Bond himself. 

Writing Classes with Ruskin Bond 

With Unluclass’ writing classes online, your child will master all the basic writing skills that an excellent writer needs to excel in, including learning the nitty-gritties of content writer to develop it as a serious career option in the future. 

Ruskin Bond, the legend himself, would be present on your screens to help your child learn creative writing and the basics of writing. An online screenwriting and scriptwriting course is also combined in Unlu’s writing class to make this process exceptionally insightful for any child. Whatever questions your child might have about creative writing or whatever challenges they face, we are certain that they will get solved during these sessions.

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