Instant vs. Traditional Exchanges: What Is Better?

The cryptocurrency exchange is one of the main tools for people working with digital coins. Considering almost all virtual currencies are decentralized, it is not so easy to find a place where most users make transactions. However, with the help of such services, it is easier to search. An exchange is a trading platform where active cryptocurrency trading takes place. This is where people want to buy or sell digital currency at favorable rates.

How does it work? It’s very simple because there is an active interaction between the system participants who own cryptocurrency funds. They sell and buy coins, thereby constantly influencing the current rate of virtual currencies they are interested in. The principle of operation is very similar to ordinary resources that are not related to virtual money. If people are faced with such a tool for the first time, they will quickly figure out how it works.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange is a stand-alone platform. Cryptocurrency traders can make full-fledged transactions to buy/sell or exchange crypto online. On traditional websites, there is a large selection of assets for trading.

The centralized platform is a platform that allows you to trade online. Traders have the opportunity to make transactions with fiat currencies as well as with digital money. The functioning of trading platforms is supported by the involvement of managers, IT staff, and other specialists.

Decentralized trading platforms operate based on blockchain technology, so the negative impact of the human factor is minimized. Clients keep money in their accounts without transferring them to the platform.

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Features of cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Opportunity to trade. Here the user not only exchanges currency but can also try their hand at trading. On such platforms, you can start making money.
  • Variety of trading pairs. Large cryptocurrency platforms work not only with popular pairs but also with rare coins. This technique is suitable for the users who receive coins from ICO and subsequently want to sell coins at a bargain price.
  • Ease of use. Although these platforms may be complicated in design, this complexity doesn’t affect the user’s direct work. As a rule, all high-quality exchanges have an intuitive interface or special tips for new users. Understanding the operation of such a service shouldn’t be difficult.

Features of Instant Cryptocurrency Exchanges

An instant crypto exchange is an exchange technology that usually combines prices and liquidity from several custodial trading exchanges. It offers an easy registration process with a simple usage process. It is very different from traditional trading services that are limited in volume and prices on their exchange, may have lengthy registration processes and have a simpler trading interface.

  • Ease of operation. It will appeal to beginners and those who don’t want to deal with complex sites. The interfaces of instant crypto websites don’t make it confusing. Such a site is designed to exchange funds, not analyze the market and compare quotes.
  • Integration with payment services. Such “cooperation” is present on popular platforms, making transferring money to an electronic wallet or bank card immediately after the exchange understandable even for a beginner.
  • Authorization is not required. You don’t need to register.
  • Translations are automatic and don’t take much time. For example, one such transfer is completed in a minute or two.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the maximum swap amount.

So, cryptocurrency websites are suitable for more advanced users who will make frequent exchanges and rarely deposit/withdraw money from the exchange. However, for those who want to sell or buy cryptocurrency quickly, switch BTC to XMR, or something like that, it is better to use an instant cryptocurrency platform.

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