Is a Class C Camper Van Right for You?

Do you feel excited about travel and want to see the United States or Canada from a van or motorhome? Today, there are about 423 national park sites in the United States for you to explore. 

When you’re looking to travel with ease you might consider a motorhome. Have you thought about a Class C Camper Van? 

You might ask yourself, what is it and is it right for me? Read on to explore what these vans are and how convenient they can actually be!

What Are Class C Camper Vans?

Class C camper vans are actually one of the most popular motorhomes you’ll find when exploring your options for RVs. They’re built on a van chassis or truck with an attached cab section. Class C camper vans are also a more affordable option. 

The great news is that they’re easier to move around than a Class A. Plus, you can enjoy many of the luxuries of your own home as well. Many have over-the-cab bunk beds which are great for guests or family. 

They’re often between the sizes of 21 to 35feet. You can find them in both diesel or gas options. A class C camper van for sale can also tow a small vehicle for trips.

If you’re new to motorhomes they’re a great option since they’re easier to steer. They’re the best camper vans for those who have a family size of 4-6 people or don’t have a vehicle that can tow a large travel trailer. 

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Full-Time Living

The great news is that you can live in a Class C camper van year-round. This is because they have sleeping areas, appliances, onboard power, bathrooms, and more. 

Is It Right for Retirees?

You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to the layout of the home. Think about what amenities and luxuries you need in order to feel most comfortable in your RV.

Many choose small to medium-sized motorhomes in their retirement years since it might be only them or their spouse. The smaller the motorhome, the easier it’ll be to travel as well.

Many even come with washers and dryers! Retirees say that they enjoy Class C over Class A motorhomes since it’s similar to driving an automobile. They vary in price from $30,000 to $100,000. 

Gas Mileage

While RVs aren’t known for great gas mileage, Class C motorhomes have better mileage than Class A. Class B motorhomes are better on gas though. You can expect to get about 10-13 miles per gallon. 

Exploring if a Class C Camper Van Is Right for You

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea if a Class C camper van is right for you. Take your time deciding what the best RV is for you and do a comparison between your options. 

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