Is class 11 Physics important? How to study?

Class 11 is important from every point of view. Class 11 syllabus forms the base for class 12 and competitive exams. The Basics of everything are taught in class 11. Almost 40% of the JEE Main syllabus consists of class 11 syllabus. Class 11 builds the base of the basic concepts which are later explained in detail in class 12. But students tend to ignore their first year of senior high school and try to enjoy their life. Ignoring one crucial year of their high school can result in bad grades in their board exams and can also affect the result of competitive exams.

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 In order to excel in CBSE Board and competitive exams, students should study well in the 11th standard.

The importance of class 11 is discussed below-

  • Prepares you for class 12th CBSE Board examination- The basics of class 12th are taught in class 11th.  Questions asked in board examinations are mostly based on class 11 concepts. Therefore, to perform well in Board examinations students have to get a good grip on the class 11 syllabus.
  • Having a good understanding of formulas- Class 11 school teachers usually don’t care about clearing the fundamentals and try to finish the syllabus as soon as possible. School teachers only focus on the board exam syllabus and cover only those topics which are important for CBSE board exams. Students also skip important derivation parts and try mugging up formulas for exams. For a good understanding of topics, students should avoid mugging up formulas and should practice their derivations. This would enhance their knowledge and will help in solving problems.
  • Improves your problem solving ability- The huge syllabus of class 11th allows you to practice plenty of questions. Practising a variety of questions boosts your confidence and develops problem-solving ability. In class 11 practising questions to clear any concepts is important. Practising plenty of questions also gets you a good grip on difficult topics.
  • Important topics are covered-  Class 11 syllabus consists of many fundamental and basic chapters important for the board and competitive exams. Topics in physics like Kinematics, Vectors, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, and those in Chemistry like General Organic chemistry, chemical bonding, atomic structure, maths limits and derivatives, coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations are taught in class 11 which form the base for class 12 studies.
  • Helps you ace competitive exams- Class 11 is very important for competitive exams. Exams like JEE and NEET cannot be cleared without having a good understanding of class 11 topics. Around 40% of the JEE syllabus is from class 11 and the other 60% is from the class 12 syllabus which is also based on class 11 only. Therefore, a good conceptual understanding of class 11 topics is a must for clearing competitive exams.

Physics lays the foundation for higher studies in the science stream and can be very interesting if studied properly. Physics is one of the most important subjects of class 11 science stream. It is a subject that requires a conceptual understanding of every topic. Most students find class 11 physics difficult because of its complex and comprehensive nature as compared to class 10th syllabus. Compared to class 10 physics CBSE 11th Class Physics Syllabus is huge and diverse. The topics and chapters are explained in more detail and numerical questions play an important role in conceptual understanding.    But many students tend to do very well in physics because of constant practice and regular learning. A student can easily score well in physics by just following NCERT books and practising regularly. In physics, preparation should start from day one to get a good grasp on topics but many students start preparing just before examinations which results in bad grades because class 11 physics requires constant studying and practice.

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to study physics effectively in class 11-

  1.   Get familiar with CBSE 11th class syllabus and paper pattern. The syllabus of 11th class physics is diverse and huge so the first step of any student should be getting familiar with the CBSE prescribed syllabus. Students should also stay updated with the latest paper pattern because class 11th paper pattern is exactly similar to the class 12th paper pattern.
  2.   Read class 11 Physics NCERT textbook thoroughly. NCERT books are the best source of CBSE board exam preparation and are also helpful for competitive exam preparation. All the concepts are explained in an easy to understand language. Highlight important points and avoid skipping any topic. Students can score well by studying properly from NCERT only.
  3.   Give priority to high weightage and important topics. After learning the paper pattern of class 11 physics, write down the chapters with high weightage on a piece of paper and mark them as important. Topics like gravitation, rotational motion, waves, laws of motion are considered very important and should be understood clearly. Students should devote extra time to these topics.
  4.   Practice regularly- Physics is all about practice. Class 11th physics contains way more numerical type questions than 10th class physics. NCERT itself provides a huge variety of questions. Practising NCERT textbooks is enough but for practising more diverse questions students usually take help from reference books. More practice means a better grip on the concept. Practising daily would help students ace their board and competitive exam performance.
  5.   Proper revision is a must. Revising previously learned topics never lets you forget important concepts studied in the past. Students should make proper notes of important formulae, keywords, and derivations for end moment revision. To avoid panic and anxiety students should keep revising important stuff on a regular basis.

Physics is indeed a challenging subject. It takes time and constant practise to master this subject. Physics can be tough for many or could be easy for many students depending on their ability to adapt to new things and grasping power. But a below-average student can also master 11th class physics by just devoting separate hours for physics and practising regularly. The above-mentioned tips can also be proved helpful by following them religiously.

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