Is Coaching Necessary For NEET?

Well, the answer to this question is both Yes and No. To put it blatantly there is no factual answer to this question and would vary from person to person, their studying patterns, time management methods, etc. While one thing that definitely comes with attending Coaching is – the sense of responsibility for the individual. There are other aspects as well, responsibility is an innate nature that is imbibed when going to institutes for preparation. Especially in the case of Institutes like Parishrama NEET Academy, where their major goal is to make learning easier and produce the results expected of the candidates.

As we said earlier, there is no abstract to this particular question, and would vary with each person. We can however look at certain key factors that affect your preparations, and by understanding these key factors one can decide if they need Coaching or not:

  1. Time Management:

Managing and utilizing one’s time efficiently and effectively is the key to the success of any preparation process. In all fairness, the maintenance of a healthy and productive schedule is hard to come by. Thus, for some, it becomes easier when they start attending NEET Coaching centers. Most NEET Coaching Centers in Bangalore come with attached Hostels. This essentially ensures that students utilize and manage their time efficiently.

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  1. Familiarity with Syllabus:

One should be very well versed with the NEET examination syllabus and should know and understand the topics that they will be tested on. Thus, it is safe to say without good knowledge of the syllabus, no aspirant will have any clue which topics are important, or are they a part of the syllabus, in the first place.

  1. Test Series:

The best way to prepare for any examination is to give the same examination multiple times. That is, giving a Mock test. The more times the examinations are taken – the better. This will allow the aspirants to track and understand their progress.

  1. Revision:

This is related to the previous point about Test Series. Upon giving and reviewing the test given – the aspirants will be able to understand the topics and subject matter that needs to be studied further and needs increased effort. And, eventually, help to better the scores in the next test.

(Optional – There are more such tips and tricks that you can follow if you intend on studying on yourself and preparing for the NEET exam – *insert Parishrama Blog on Tips for Preparation*)

Thus, in retrospect, it becomes necessary for one to follow all the above as a part of the preparation regimen. These are essentially some important factors that contribute to a good preparation schematic. On the other hand, these are already taken care of when an aspirant enrolls in a NEET Academy. That is, the academy takes the onus upon itself and helps formulate Study Plans, Tests, Reviews, and Reports that will help the students focus on the important bit – Study.

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