Is Rado A Good Watch

Is Rado A Good Watch? 7 Reasons Why You Should Get One!

by Mahesh Kokare

Some well-known Swiss watches are Tissot, Patek Philippe, and Rolex. But most watch connoisseurs, a Rado wristwatch is well-respected and recognized. Founded in 1917, the brand has been one of the key players when it comes to Swiss timepiece brands because of hi-tech developments and innovations. For most people who are still starting their timepiece collection, they might be thinking about why they should get one. That is why we compiled 7 reasons why it deserves a spot in your collection. Keep reading to know more.

  1. They are rare pieces.

Let’s be honest, a Rado watch is something that you do not see every day. Most people spend time researching where to get one. If you like the thrill of searching for rare pieces, a Rado watch should be on your list. Every year, the company only releases 500,000 units. On top of that, only limited retailers sell them, both physical and online stores. These pieces are only available in 60 countries, with their headquarters located in Lengnau, Switzerland.

  1. They are the pioneers of innovation.

For the uninitiated, Rado is famous for its high-tech ceramic technology. All timepieces are scratch-proof and water-resistant that are also lightweight and hypoallergenic. The company also created the Plasma High-Tech Ceramic, which is revolutionary. It is material activated at 20,000°C finished into a new material with a metallic shine. Another material that the company uses for creating their timepieces is Ceramos. It is a combination of High-Tech Ceramic and metal alloy, which is durable and comfortable.

  1. The brand uses hard metals for its wristwatches.  

It is no surprise that Rado invests in technological research and innovation that changes the luxury watch game. That is why there is no debate when it comes to the company’s credibility when it comes to creating high-quality and durable timepieces. Every collector and enthusiast is always on the lookout for the new tech of the company. Thanks to nanotechnology, the brand can incorporate some hard metals, like a natural high diamond. Another material that the company uses is sapphire crystal, which of course, makes a durable dome.

  1. Varying prices, depending on the piece.

Most of you might be wondering. With all these features and commitment to innovation, how much does a Rado timepiece cost? To give you an idea, they usually cost between $200 and $5,000. $200 is pretty good for an entry-level luxury timepiece. Of course, those handcrafted with hard metal and diamonds are in the higher price range, around $900 and up. Because of these materials and rarity, their wrist watches hold their value pretty well. In the end, you get the most out of what you pay.

  1. It is an award-winning company.

Compared to other luxury brands, Rado has achieved multiple milestones over the years. Some of the timepieces that brought such awards are Hyperchrome Ultra-Light, Ceramica, True Open Heart, Hyperchrome Automatic Chronograph, and more! Their latest award is the 2020 Germany iF Design Award and the 2020 Singapore Good Design Award. Other awards that they coveted are the DESIGN PLUS Material Vision in 2005, multiple Red Dot Award, and the G-Mark Award, M.I.T.I.

  1. It is the gentlemen’s choice.

Apart from tech and innovation, the designs of their pieces are one-of-a-kind. It is no wonder that they were able to bag design awards over the years. They are known for their sleek yet bold designs and colors, which are consistent throughout the years. This company has set the trend for ceramic watches. This is your top pick when going attending a black-tie party. 

  1. The brand favors traditional movement.

If two words can describe the company, that is tradition and new. Both contrasting terms, but the company seems to merge the two perfectly. Swiss brands take pride in upholding old-school horology, and Rado is no stranger to this. When you go through their catalog, you will see modern, quartz movements, self-winding, and manually wound mechanical movements. A huge chunk of their timepieces are in traditional analog displays.

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