Kundalika River Rafting

Kundalika River Rafting

by Ramit

When thinking about Kolad River Rafting (KRR), our adrenaline drives this widely popular sport idea faster because it offers excitement, thrills, and health benefits. The first torrent rafting expedition took place on the Snake River in Wyoming in 1811 but was unsuccessful due to the lack of proper equipment and training. As of today, when it comes to adventure, nothing beats the thrill of sailing in the midst of bubbling water in a raft. This is something adventurers can’t miss.

Benefits of Kundalika River Rafting:-

Besides the thrills and spills, torrent rafting has some great benefits:-

It has a great impact on our mind and body, and as a result, this sport reduces stress, anxiety, and depression by releasing happy hormones. Endurance and stamina are required for the success of this sport. Participants need to exercise their physical strength to block the flow of water. This has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and overall health.

Kundalika River rafting enhances our self-esteem and self-confidence. The sport requires participants to navigate the flowing river, which, after success, increases their well-being and confidence in handling a variety of other difficult tasks found in everyday life. Speaking of group ties, it’s a great opportunity to deepen ties with teammates as it’s a team sport to achieve similar goals. While participating in this task, participants will learn many social skills and life-changing values.

The breathtaking excitement of whitewater kolad rafting gives the adrenaline rush an experiential and unforgettable boost. Everyone knows that rafting requires intense physical activity, which fits the body and experiences great training for the whole body and mind as it conquers wild water.

Kundalika River and Empowered Activity Camp

The Kundalika River and Empowered Activity Camps are surrounded by the blissful presence of Mother Nature, providing therapeutic healing to all souls, especially during the monsoon. Overcoming obstacles and successfully completing activities will bring positive psychological changes to the individual. With outstanding adventure activities and experiential learning, you’ll become a whitewater rafting professional, providing the best experience with the safety, training, and world-class gear offered by trainers and professionals the only torrent rafting location in this part of the country.

The source of the Kundalika River is Tamhinigat, which flows through the village of Kolad and is the best place for rapids. This rafting activity takes place between two dams about 12km apart. Rafting begins at the underside of the Villa Dam and flows into the Dolwahal Dam as the water level does not change unfamiliarly. The river is safe and is recognized as a water sports hub. Enjoy rafting with this 12Kms water stretch full of exciting torrents. It will be a fun 2-hour activity.

Whitewater River Rafting in Kolad – Directions

In many surrounding towns, kolad is easily accessible by road or train. The village is about 120 kilometers from Mumbai, the closest and most connected city. Once in Mumbai, there are several ways to get to Kolad by road (private car or bus) and train.

By car

If you decide to drive from Mumbai to Kolad, it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the village. The entire road shines with the scenic elegance of Sahyadris. Get ready on the road to take all the shutterbugs, beautiful images! Along the way, you’ll experience formidable cliffs, lush greenery, bubbling waterfalls, sparkling lakes, and ponds.

On the train

Via the Konkan Railway, Kolad is connected to Maharashtra and all major cities in India. Train journeys from any of the closest locations to Kolad, such as road trails, are full of scenic beauty and add to the adventure experience, especially while traveling in large groups. There are two direct passenger trains that connect daily between Mumbai and Kolad. This is the most cost-effective way to get from Mumbai to Korad. Traveling by train takes about 2-4 hours, depending on which train you are on. Another way to get to Korad by train is to take the shuttle train from Diva to Roja and take the highway from Roha to Kolad by auto-rickshaw or local bus.

By bus

Many people who go to Kolad by bus may choose to take one of the buses to Mumbai-Goa and get off at Korad as it is on Goa Road. This pass consists of both Maharashtra transportation and private buses, each offering an online booking service. Travelers could also choose the route from Mumbai-Ratnagiri when taking the bus to Korad. If you want to take the bus to Conrad, you have a lot of options. During the day, buses traverse this road many times, giving visitors the opportunity to choose a period of choice to get to their destination.

Plan your trip with riverraftingkolad

The Kundalika rafting is known as one of the fastest flowing rivers in South India and is suitable for water sporting events such as rafting, kayaking, and rappelling. In addition to the experience of Kolad River rafting, the site also has many attractions such as an ancient fort. A dumb and breathtaking cascade with the help of a reputable guide will certainly add to your profits. Riverraftingkolad customizable packaging is not only cost-effective, but it’s also a seamless process.

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