Lead generation A new way to generate business

Lead generation: A new way to generate business

by Paresh Bramhane

Lead generation is the process of changing unknown customers who have shown even a tad bit of interest in a product into customers. For instance, online content, application forms, etc. are some prospective examples of lead generation.

Need for lead generation:

We know that those days are gone when customers used to be lured by random phone calls, excessive ads, or messages. Rather these things now seem exasperating. They only create a bad image of a brand in the eye of potential customers. Now if a customer willingly contacts a business for purchasing services this looks rather organic. This also saves the image of businesses and save the useless expenses on the advertisement. These customers who willingly contact customers are usually attracted by user-generated content. Like the word of mouth or a review posted somewhere. For instance, you are more likely to show interest in the admission of a college that does not advertise vociferously than the one that does. Because the former knows students will be attracted any way because it anyway has a brand name, excellent infrastructure, and placement reports, etc. While the latter only has an advertisement. That’s why lead generation is vital for business.

Method of generating a lead for companies:

1) A random customer bumps into your business place following any of the promotional windows such as website, blog, social media handle.

2) The random customer then clicks upon a luring object which in turn navigates him to a new page. This object can be anything, suppose an MP3 which he is willing to download or a video he wants to watch.

3) On this new page his details are asked. He fills them willingly in exchange for the file he is looking for.

4) Done, there is a new lead with all required contact information.

Marketing by lead generation:

Different promotional windows can be used to steer more traffic towards the lead generation page. 

Some of these windows are listed below:-

1) Content:

Excellent content can be a vital way to lure potential customers. Suppose that there is content for any topic viz. technology, education, entertainment, automobile, etc. People are bound to stumble upon that content on the web. This makes them stay for quite some time on that page. Now link to the lead generation page can be inserted anywhere in that page so that at least once the reader clicks on it. Alternatively, the article can be locked for half that can only be accessed completely on providing lead generation content.

2) Email addresses:

The inbox of email addresses is an excellent place to reach out to potential customers, as these are the people who have willingly provided their contact information. Reaching out via email also seems a much more familiar method than others such as cold calling or salesman. Emails sent to these customers should have eye-catching and tantalizing designs to grab the attention of the customer among thousands of those monotonous emails.

3) Authentic advertisements:

The whole point of advertisement of products is landing people. Otherwise, why bother investing tons of money just to let people go later. The thing to be kept in mind here is the offer made on the ad should match exactly with the original offer. No strings attached. No T&Cs. Otherwise what would be the point of funneling lakhs of rupees on ads if the potential customers turn away anyway.

4) Blogs:

The incredible thing about promoting an offer or product through a blog is that the promoter can himself or herself construct the whole blog. This gives them a free hand in describing the product extensively according to the wants, needs, or psychology of the potential customers. Reading the whole blog constructs a thought process within them towards the product which further leads them into being tempted towards the product or service.

5) Social media:

Social Media pages and handles are excellent channels for the promotion of a product or service. Reach of the product increases exponentially once advertised or listed upon social media platforms. These products can be listed in a post which would be circulated with every like, comment, or share. Links that will navigate to the lead generation page can be attached with the posts. These posts should be a hell lot creative and eye-catching. As there is a cutthroat competition out there on social media.

6) Products or services on a trial basis:

This is another brilliant marketing technique for the generation of lead. The potential customer on the promise of getting a product on a trial basis free of cost fills any survey or lead generation form, and voila! There is a new lead. This method has additional advantages. The free product can be bundled with additional offers which keep customers bundled with the product eventually them to be compelled to buy the product or service. Also, advertisement banners can be stuck on the free product given on a trial basis which would attract more customers.

7) Marketing by referral:

Referral marketing is also quite famous these days. This or word of mouth is also vital in generating leads for a business. This way people come to know about any product from their peers. This instills a clear and reputable image of the brand in the mind of potential customers and they are tempted towards giving it a try. This method is also very cost-effective as no money is spent upon advertisement rather the previous users are the promotion channel and they do it for free. Involvement of ads or any forceful method creates a very desperate image of a business in the minds of prospective consumers. Best lead generation companies are the ones that employ this method due to its obvious perks.

To sum up

Introspecting upon the fact that lead generation has been present among us since our beginning, we realize that the generation of employees making cold calls for the purchase of something or salesman bumping into houses is no longer feasible. In this era of the digital world, we should rather focus on the digital form of advertisement, which would make the business more visible online and viable in the real world. You should take the help of top lead generation companies for this. 

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