List Of Must-have Bedroom Furnitures

A bedroom is the comfort zone of every individual. After a long day of work, we tend to get comfortable in our bedrooms to get over stress and fatigue. Each day starts and ends here. Hence one needs to furnish the bedroom with the most comfortable furniture. Of course, the size of the room matters when it comes to placing furniture, but the challenge here is to make the best use of the space available using intelligent ideas and modern furniture. The right furniture helps you organise the bedroom and avoid unnecessary clutter. There are countless options available in the market that give you brilliant samples of bedroom sets that enable you to choose the right furniture for your bedroom. Wakefit has plenty of essential bedroom pieces that you shouldn’t miss. Here are some of the must-have furniture for your bedroom:

Bed and Mattress

Falling into bed after a hectic day feels like sleeping on clouds in heaven. Make this feel more special by choosing a perfect size bed big enough to roll over and sleep comfortably. Opt for engineered wood beds or Sheesham wood beds that are sturdy and do not make noise while rolling over. If it is a kids bedroom, then you can use bunk beds or single beds depending on your requirement. There are also storage beds available in the market that helps you store your less used bedding like quilts, blankets, towels etc. Storage beds are a smart choice for those who have a lot of clothing and accessories. Choose a mattress that is soft, firm and takes your body form. The mattress should be able to relieve stress and align your spine, resolving backaches and joint pain. People with severe backaches can try the orthopaedic memory foam mattress.

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Storage space is something that most people can never have enough of. The more space you have, the more you tend to hoard stuff. Wardrobes help you contain all your desirable stuff neatly organised and easy to access. Pick a wardrobe that suits your room décor to give a pleasant look. Every wardrobe should have compartments and shelves that satisfy your needs and organise your clothes perfectly. You can also opt for one with a safety lock to keep your valuables in it. There are many types of wardrobes with single and multi doors. If you have a plethora of clothes, maybe you can opt for a 4 door wardrobe with drawers. You also have the option of customising your wardrobe by choosing the required amount of hanger space and the number of compartments. If you want to buy a wardrobe online, make sure you go through the specifications of material and finishes before you choose one.

Bedside Table

Most of us cannot do without a bedside table, as it holds most of the essentials like a mobile phone, water bottle, night lamp, book etc. In addition, a bedside table can have drawers so that you can keep stuff like tablets, keys, scarves, mobile chargers etc. Moreover, a bedside table is necessary to have a balance of furniture in the room. There are single drawers, double drawers and multi drawers in bedside tables. Choose the right one that suits your space.

In addition, side tables are usually made from wood or metal, so they’ll last longer than other types of furniture in general. They come in all sorts of materials, shapes, and sizes.

Chair or Couch

If you have a bedroom big enough to contain a chair or couch, choose one which matches your room décor and other furniture. If you are going for a couch, pick a trendy one with subtle colours and a sleek finish. Make sure it matches your bedding. If you don’t have enough space for a couch, you can always place a lazy chair to sulk in when you don’t feel like lying down on the bed. Choose a soft and comfy lazy chair that doesn’t occupy too much space. 

TV Unit and Wall shelves

A TV Unit in the bedroom is mainly for people who watch movies before going to bed. Choose a TV unit that is big enough to accommodate your TV and at the same time does not occupy more space in the bedroom. A TV unit also has racks to display showpieces and medals, if any. If you don’t require a TV unit in the room, you can always use wall shelves to display tiny articles and mementoes. Decorate the wall above your headboard using wall shelves. You can also place lovely flower vases and some scented candles on these wall shelves to give a romantic feel. If you’re a bookworm and cannot go to bed without reading a book, you can use these wall shelves to stock up your favourite books in your bedroom.

Dressing Table

Most people like to have a dressing table in the dressing room to do their make-up. Some have a mirror attached to their wardrobes. But a dressing table matching the rest of the furniture in the room gives a luxurious feel to the room. You can choose a stool or a chair matching the dressing table. Choose a lovely fabric for the chair, matching the room décor and curtains or completely contrasting to give a unique look. The number of dressing tables compartments should be sufficient to keep your make-up stuff, powders, creams, perfumes, etc. Make sure you choose one with larger drawer space to hold bangle boxes or bangle stands. 

Every bedroom deserves the most comfortable furniture in the house as it is the ultimate place for rest and release of stress. Make sure the furniture is comfortable and durable. Low-quality furniture spoils the look of the room and feels very uncomfortable. Choose the right size of furniture for your bedroom; otherwise, you will land up in a cramped room with not enough space to walk around. The right kind of furniture helps you keep your things in place and easily accessible to all your stuff. Use your bedroom space wisely and do not buy unnecessary furniture. Measure the dimensions of your room before you plan your furniture. Keep in mind the layout of the room and what type of furniture could fit in before you buy one.

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