Looking For A Diamond Bezel Timepiece Here's Top-pick from Rolex

Looking For A Diamond Bezel Timepiece? Here’s Top-pick from Rolex

by Mahesh Kokare

Rolex watches are one of the top luxurious timepieces in the market. Since its first release, the brand has proven itself as a number one pick watch to buyers and collectors. Its first-ever collection that captures the attention of most ladies is “Rolex watches with diamond bezels.” This timepiece offers an extra sense of femininity and elegance to whoever wears it. With that, the brand continuously produces watches that feature diamond bezels. 

Sometimes it can be an overwhelming task where to start buying Rolex watches with diamond bezels, especially for inexperienced buyers. To help you, we have listed here the top-pick Rolex watches with diamond bezels so that you can easily purchase the luxury watch you have always wanted to own.

  1. Pearlmaster 

A brand collection that focuses on ladies, all Pearlmaster watches are made and designed with precious diamonds or gems. The diamond dial markers, full diamond bezels, and diamond dials are among the top-pick options where you can choose from. The sizes of these timepieces range from 29mm to 39mm, and each of the watches comes with special Pearlmaster Bracelets. If you want to check out this model, you can visit the Watch Shopping company for more details. This model is one of the best sellers of Rolex among women.

  1. Datejust and Lady-Datejust 

The Datejust and Lady-Datejust lines are two of the most well-known Rolex collections for those looking for a watch featuring diamond bezels. The Lady-Datejust range is accessible with multiple sizes like 26mm, 28mm, 29mm, and 31mm cases and designed solely for women. And the 36mm Datejust and even the 41mm Datejust II have become famous larger than usual models. 

  1. Day-Date President 

Another very luxurious and well-known Rolex collection, the Day-Date President, has become so chic and stylish among ladies lately. It is mainly because of the modern trend of ladies like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham preferring to use larger models. These models range from 36mm to 41mm and are accessible in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

  1. Cellini 

Next on the list is the Cellini, also technically too large to ever be viewed as a classic watch for women, yet with recent fashion trends, the 39mm case diameter makes it a suitable alternative in any case. The actual collection honors traditional watch-production, yet the added features of diamonds giving it a vibe of a more modern edge.

  1. Daytona 

The Daytona is one of the best sports watches today. It was developed because of the need and demand of racing drivers. But still, it is a precious and beautiful timepiece. With diamonds added, the models in the collections will take you on an extra feeling of extravagance. With the correct materials combined, it is possible to purchase a Daytona with a clear ladylike side. 

  1. Gem Set (Non-Diamond) Sapphire and Rubies Bezels 

Also, various watch options are designed with valuable diamonds like rubies and sapphires. Despite the fact they’re non-diamond watches, they often gathered in with diamond watches since they incorporate the addition of valuable materials to add extra sophistication and glamour.

Bonus: Bracelet Options: Oyster, Jubilee, 

Just as the choice of various diamond options and diverse case materials, most buyers or collectors likewise have multiple bracelet options available to choose from. These incorporate the Oyster wristband, which is the most famous and top-pick option because of its durability. And the Jubilee bracelet, which makes a watch look more like pieces of jewelry. 

The President wristband, first-ever released in 1956, was made for the Rolex Day-Date and featured a three-piece link. Pearlmaster armbands were presented for use with watches of a similar name and are another good option for those people who need their timepiece to look more like a piece of gems than a traditional watch. 

Update Your Existing Rolex by adding Diamond Bezel

On the off chance that you own a Rolex watch and might want to add a diamond bezel to it, many watch stores offer this kind of service. They will happily redo your watch and utilize precisely the same quality and number of jewels you would get if you had purchased the model directly from the Rolex production line. 


Rolex’s reputation and prominent brand name in the watch business industry is purely the result of more than a century of providing top-quality, luxurious, and costly timepieces. It is also widely known for its tight commitment to brilliant marketing, continuous innovation, and engineering excellence. These are reasons why everyone is very familiar with the brand name “Rolex,” and buyers and collectors prefer to purchase. So if you are looking for a timepiece that comes with a diamond bezel, then opting for Rolex watches is the best decision you can have. Why not try the Pearlmaster or the Daytona on your preferred list. 

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