Looking for the right carnival outfit

With the holidays just behind us, it’s time for the next party: Carnival! Do you already know what you’re putting on? Will you follow all the carnival trends in 2023 or would you rather opt for a classic costume again? And how can you save on your outfit? We’ll help you get started.

Go all out

Of course this is always true, even more so with Carnival. After all, it can always be bigger, crazier and more. The clue to a successful Carnival outfit – if you celebrate in the southernmost regions of the country, anyway, is really in the creativity. We don’t like the 13-in-1-dozen outfits or a disco clothing outfit (Dutch: disco kleding), we go all out on our own imaginations and then give heart and soul to turn it into splendor, complete with make-up and accessories. Need inspiration? Pinterest is your best friend!

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Vintage shopping

If you really want to stand out this Carnival, don’t necessarily start in the city, but dive into your mom or grandma’s closet in search of gems from the past. An old wedding dress or a wig for Carnival (Dutch: pruiken carnaval), fur coat or flared jeans can be the starting point for the perfect carnival outfit. Creative, sustainable and inexpensive! Are your mom or grandma relaxers? Then get your fill at the flea market, vintage store or on Marktplaats. Success guaranteed!

Go for original

Do you still want to buy a whole new carnival costume? Then don’t be tempted by the following Dalí mask with red coveralls. We know by now that La Casa de Papel was a good series and we understand that it’s an easy choice, but we’re also a little bored of the outfits. The same goes for Squid Games, by the way. Pick an outfit that not everyone already has, an outfit that makes you stand out. Much more fun, right?

Nice and short

Take the weather into account… This sounds logical, but also seems difficult. If you celebrate Carnival in Brabant, you will be indoors a lot and a short dress will do the trick. In the south of Limburg, on the other hand, most of the Carnival activities take place outside, in the streets. In February, and then it can be quite cold. So just leave the short skirt for summer and opt for long, warm and thick!

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The best accessories

Finally, you complete your carnival outfit by combining it with the best accessories. A nice hat, a bow tie or your shoes can make or break the outfit. For the men: make sure your shoes match your suit and are nicely polished. After all, a pair of worn-out sneakers under such a special suit looks like a flag on a mud boat. Did you pick a suit with a busy or colorful print? Perfect! But make sure your shirt is a solid, quiet color. Black, white or dark blue do well.

For the ladies: under a dress suit, a pair of pumps look best, of course! Pick a pump that fits well, is broken in and that you can handle. It’s tempting to buy a pair of trendy pumps with stiletto heels under your suit, but nothing is more uncomfortable than a pair of unbroken heels. Swaggering across the dance floor or sore, red and swollen feet are not sexy states during the carnival party!