Menstrual Hygiene: What Is It And Everything You Need To Know About Its Importance

Menstrual Hygiene: What Is It And Everything You Need To Know About Its Importance! *Time to break the TABOOS*

by Paresh Bramhane

For the women living in developed countries being able to buy sanitary pads, tampons easily whereas menstruation is still associated with zillions of taboos and stigmas that lead the women in some parts of the world to feel the shame in even saying the word ‘Period.’ The sole reason being lack of information and awareness in the society leading to the girls not being able to get the access to sanitary items and hygiene places to use them. As a way to celebrate womanhood and break the old-age stigmas related to Menses & it’s hygiene, Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated. Amongst the multiple ways in which you can celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day this year, one of the best ways is to spread awareness about it by sharing Menstrual hygiene day quotes with your friends and family! Apart from personal importance, this phenomenon has a huge social impact and significance on society. Thus, it’s important to learn about the term ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ and why it’s important to maintain!

What is Menstrual Hygiene? 

Though menstruation and menstrual practices are still clouded by socio-cultural traditions and taboos, it’s high time to let the innocent adolescent girls remain ignorant of the scientific facts, terms, and common practices. Menstrual Hygiene is a great practice during menstruation which helps in preventing women from the infection in their reproductive and urinary tract. These hygiene-related practices are highly important as they may increase the risk of Reproductive Tract infections. 

 Importance Of Maintaining A Proper Hygiene During Periods!

Taking care of yourself during menstruation is as important as taking care of yourself on an everyday basis. A little negligence in maintaining good hygiene can lead your body to get grievous harm and will become an instrument to spread the infection to others too. Using old clothes and other unhygienic ways of handling menstruation hampers mobility and day-to-day activity of every woman resulting in missing out on schools, work, and personal work too. We all know that menstruation is a natural part of the reproductive cycle but may not realize its importance. To throw light on the same, let’s look at some major reasons as to why period hygiene is important!

Reduced risk of Urinary Tract Infections:

Using damp, dirty menstrual clothes, or sanitary napkins for more than 6 hours can lead to the multiplication of bacteria and yeasts. These bacteria can invade your urinary tract resulting in irritation while urinating, lower abdominal pain, fever, and back pain. But all these can be avoided if women stick to one method of sanitation, use sun-dried, and clean sanitary napkins for periods. Cleaning your vagina with clean water and frequent change of napkins can prevent 97% of such infections.

Reduced rashes in genitals: 

Prolonged wetness and allergy can harm your genitals and cause rashes during menstruation. If sanitary napkins do not get changed every 4-6 hours, chances are of getting irritating rashes. These commercially available sanitary pads are composed of SAP and plastics derived from crude oil that has great potential to damage a woman’s health. Therefore, it’s advisable to change them as soon as possible to prevent rashes and allergies. In these cases, biodegradable napkins with natural compositions are best and effective in solving problems like rashes and allergic reactions.

Ensures a good reproductive cycle: If a woman fails to maintain good period hygiene, sometimes the infections caused due to them can lead to future consequences like difficulty in conceiving, increases risk of abortions, and pre-term delivery. Therefore, maintaining proper menstrual hygiene ensures a good reproductive career for a woman.

Reduces the risk of Cervical Cancer: This type of cancer is at the opening of the uterus caused by Human Papilloma virus. This virus is spread and transmitted sexually, and if the handling of the menstrual waste is done not in a hygienic way, it may lead to spreading the infection easily. Thus, sharing of reusable absorbent pads, not washing hands after changing napkins, lack of hygienic sanitation can lead to increased risk of developing Cervical Cancer. This is also why maintaining menstrual hygiene is extremely important.

Increases the productivity of women at workplaces: Women are often considered to be  multitaskers, who juggle so many responsibilities at the same time. But doing all these things, she usually tends to forget her health and an important aspect i.e Menstrual Hygiene. Thus, if a woman maintains proper menstrual hygiene, she contributes to a healthier workplace, mental peace, and fewer chances of employees falling sick. Maintaining proper menstrual hygiene at the workplace also ensures being more productive at work too!

Few Healthy Practices To Consider In Maintaining Menstrual Hygiene!

Cheers to the ‘NAARI SHAKTI POWER’ you have and follow these few healthy tips to maintain safe and proper menstrual hygiene! To know more about them in detail, check out these awesome Menstrual Hygiene tips every woman should follow from right now!

  • Keep changing your sanitary napkins every 4-6 hours
  • Make sure to wash yourself properly
  • Dispose of used pads safely
  • Wear comfortable & clean underwear
  • Don’t use soaps or vagina hygiene products
  • Stick to one method of sanitation
  • A balanced diet is a must

Menstrual Hygiene: No More A Secret Anymore!

Menstrual Hygiene is more than just access to sanitary pads and other sanitation methods- though those are important and cannot be ignored! It’s also about creating an environment that has respect for girls and women to manage their periods with dignity and bash unnecessary  taboos! Moreover, Menstrual Hygiene is such a significant term that needs to be learnt, discussed and solved not just to prevent women from not just physical challenges but mental too!

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