Most Stylish Molding Designs for Your New House

Molding has been around for a lot of years. Though the classic forms are made from plaster or wood, you can find molding made from reclaimed wood and foam nowadays. 

One of the main reasons people install molding in their house is to produce a light and dark pattern on an otherwise plain surface. 

Aside from that, a lot of interior home designers like molding since it makes an easy transition between various materials and surfaces. 

Crown moldings are one of the features in a house that can increase the value of your property. Moldings can add a visual presence that can make your house feel more luxurious. 

If they’re installed properly, moldings can instantly make your house feel like it is solid and well-constructed. 

Unfortunately, you might find yourself feeling like your house is lacking in these details unless you’re lucky enough to purchase an old house with beautiful crown moldings. 

If you’re planning to remodel, here are some of the most stylish molding designs for your new house.

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Technically, wainscoting isn’t molding or trimming. A lot of professionals consider it as paneling. However, there are a couple of interior designers who place this under the same umbrella as decorative molding for walls. 

Wainscoting is paneling set on the lower part of walls framed by trim. Today, a lot of manufacturers use a CNC injection mold process to personalize molding designs. 

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This is another type of wainscoting. This means that it isn’t molding or trim. It is also paneling. Beadboard comprises a row of vertical boards. These boards are then separated by ridges called beads. 

You can also use trim to frame beadboard. 


This type of molding is a loosely L-shaped bracket that professionals install between a horizontal surface, such as your countertop or ceiling, or a vertical surface, such as your wall. 

Though manufacturers design them to be weight-bearing at first, you can also use them as decorative molding for your house. 

Board and Batten

Professionals often simply call this batten. This decorative molding design is a type of molding that professionals install to hide the space between two adjacent wall panels. 

The name comes from the makeup of the wall. Professionals will line up the boards edge to edge and the batten is a tiny piece of trim that covers the edges. 

Architrave Molding

This is a type of decorative molding design that you can install atop doors and windows for decorative effect. 

Pierced Molding

This is another type of decorative molding design. However, unlike others, it does not have a solid form. Instead, it is cut through to show the wall behind it. 

Window or Door Trim

For those who don’t know, the casing is the trim that surrounds your window or door. Aside from making your doors and windows beautiful, they are also practical.

The reason for this is that they physically connect the window frame to your wall. They also serve as a visual design element. 

Panel Molding

According to professionals, panel molding is a completely decorative molding that you can use to trim raised-panel wall construction. 

It has the same idea as frame molding. However, instead of it being directly installed on the wall, professionals usually install it on top of the paneling. 

Knowing DIY tips can also be helpful if you want to know how to install panel molding yourself. 

Picture Frame Molding

This is a decorative type of trim. You can usually install picture frame molding directly on the wall. You can use it to frame art, as the name suggests.

However, people usually use picture frame molding as a simple visual element. You can either make it stand alone as a focal point or repeat them multiple times to copy paneling across the whole wall.

Chair Rail

This type of decorative molding design is a simple narrow strip of molding. Typically, they are located 32” to 36” above the floor or around 1/3 of the wall’s height. 

Chair rails add a pleasing sense of proportion to your home. While a lot of individuals claim their historical purpose was to prevent dining room chairs from scuffing the walls, some people also claim that people used to hang chairs there when they’re cleaning the floors. 

Picture Rail

Just like chair rails, picture rails aren’t just decorative. They are also practical. You can install them 1-2 feet below the ceiling. You can also use it to hang art without damaging your walls. 

Rather than hammering a nail on your wall, you can hammer a nail into the molding instead. However, picture rail has become a decorative molding design over the years. 


Traditionally, casings are 2” to 3” moldings that surround the frames of exterior or interior doors and windows. Some people also call them architraves. 

If you’ve got a Victorian house, you should consider installing thicker casings in intricate styles to improve the look of your house. If you’ve got a modern home, you should consider installing plain casings. 


This type of decorative molding design is a wooden trim that you can install at the transition from the wall to the floor. Typically, they are simple when it comes to style. They are also at least 3” to 5” wide. 

If you’re going to visit a classic house, you will probably notice detailed and thick baseboards. They were extremely common many years ago.

If your house already has baseboards, you can try to improve it by adding 1 inch of smaller molding above the existing baseboard. 

When you do this, make sure to always bring hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands while you work. 


Moldings can be an influential and affordable improvement on the interior of your house.

They can also help offer you a range of design options. 

To guarantee you get the most out of your moldings, make sure you hire a professional to install them.

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