Natural hair wigs: which are the best in 2022?

Today, wigs have become an ideal accessory for different types of clothing. These accessories allow you to experience a variety of styles. Therefore, they are a versatile and essential element if you decide to change up the look. For many people, the natural look of a wig is crucial to making a buying decision. For this reason, we are increasingly relying on wigs made from human hair because they offer a wide variety of styles without sacrificing softness, shine and sportiness. We hope you find the right wigs for you. Go!

The most important

Wigs are very versatile accessories. They allow you to change the look and try out different styles without making any permanent changes. Therefore, they are very popular today. Human hair wigs have proven to be the most durable and of the best quality. However, they also involve more investment and maintenance. Before buying a wig, it is important to consider certain important factors. For example, the density and weight you want it to have. And the styles, shapes, and textures you want to wear.

The best natural wigs on the market: our recommendations

Currently, there are various types of human hair wigs on the market. For this reason, we have prepared for you a list of the best quality natural wigs at the best prices.

What you should know before buying Human Hair Wigs

When choosing a wig, you may be faced with a wide variety of textures, designs, and colors. For this purpose, we have prepared a series of questions. This way, you can buy the best wig for your needs. Take notes!

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What are the advantages of natural wigs?

Wigs made from natural hair have a different shine and movement than synthetic wigs. This is because wigs made from human hair have a complete cuticle. It is the outer layer of each hair strand. Since they all go in the same direction, it provides a natural feel that is characteristic of healthy hair, rather than chemically treated.


·         More natural feel and look

·         You can change your hairstyle and even apply dye

·         Its duration is at least 1 year

·         Easy to groom


·         High price

·         Maintenance required

·         They are vulnerable to the weather

·         Colour fades over time

Totally Natural Wigs vs. Partially Natural Wigs

When looking for Kameymall natural hair wigs, we will find different types, styles, sizes, and colors. Depending on the purpose for which you need them, you can choose between the following two types:

·         All Natural Wigs: These wigs are designed to cover the head completely. They come in a variety of settings and densities.

·         Partial natural wigs: These wigs cover only half the circumference of a full wig. They are often used to provide more volume in specific areas of the head.

How are natural hair wigs made?

The process of making a wig is complicated because hair is collected in different ways. An important factor, however, is the condition and health of the hair. The more the properties of natural hair are maintained, the higher the quality of the wig. Therefore, chemical treatment of natural hair by coloring or bleaching is not recommended. In this way, healthy hair is guaranteed in addition to the shine and movement that quality wigs provide.

How to wear a natural wig?

After choosing a wig, it is important to know how to wear it properly. For this reason, we give you the steps you must follow to get it right the first time: Gather the hair well: The first step is important to reduce volume and ensure proper placement of the wig. Clean the skin: In order for the wig to fit properly, it is important to clean the hairline area.

·         Positioning the wig: Position the edges of the wig to match your natural hairline  A good reference for knowing if your wig is positioned correctly is to observe that both sideburns are the same height.

·         Style your wig: Run your fingers through the wig to give it the shape and style you want.

How long does human hair wigs last?

Natural hair wigs last much longer than wigs made from synthetic fibers. However, an important factor in making it last longer is the care it takes. Regular use of an iron or hairdryer can spoil natural hair. On the other hand, hair loss is a natural process of this wig. Therefore, it is important to refill the wig after 8 or 9 months, even with the necessary care.

What is the care of natural hair wigs?

Taking care of your natural hair wig is essential to keeping it in good shape. Although more expensive than synthetic wigs, they have the advantage of being more durable. If you want your natural wig to last for months (or even years), follow these tips:

·         When unwrapping, comb from the middle to the ends. It is recommended that you use a separate toothbrush.

·         Every time you wash your hair, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask specially formulated for natural wigs. This way, you will keep your hair soft and shiny.

·         Ideally, you should wash your wig every 6 to 8 weeks. If used daily, the frequency of washing can be increased.·         Careful and constant exposure to sunlight is recommended. This is because they risk colour

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