NetBase Quid Market Intelligence: How to leverage NetBase Quid for Better Business Intelligence 

An increasing number of companies are using natural language processing and deep learning for analyzing social media. By leveraging NetBase Quid Market Intelligence, brands can instantly respond to customers who post complaints, feedback, and product reviews. NetBase Quid helps brands respond in a timely fashion. The technology understands user sentiment and facial expressions of the customer. This enables companies to provide valuable information to customers while staying out of the way. It also uses NetBase Quid’s custom-built CRM to help customers keep track of their requests.

For market intelligence, NetBase Quid combines sophisticated social media analytics and proprietary natural language processing technology with the world’s largest consumer panel to empower business leaders to make better decisions faster. For example, Egon Zehnder, one of the world’s largest executive search firms, used NetBase Quid to help target the ideal candidates for certain roles and provide detailed insight on culture fit. Since NetBase Quid makes data analysis simple and engaging, Egon Zehnder was able to immediately use the data to narrow the selection process and increase the probability of successful hire.

Facts in Social Media

NetBase Quid is recognized by the industry as a true leader in the industry for helping companies rapidly find out the facts in social media. The company has been developing products to help marketers and market research professionals with big data, analytics, and social media. NetBase Quid’s technology delivers powerful social media insights that can help marketers and market research professionals make accurate decisions. Now, using advanced Natural Language Processing technology and the company’s industry-leading Social Media insights, business leaders are able to gather and interpret the truth about their customers’ opinions and daily lives.

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NetBase Quid’s market intelligence tools provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, retail trends, marketing activities, consumer sentiment, and historical analytics. The solution’s interactive, simplified dashboard can be used to measure market and competitor performance as well as increase ROI and improve decision making. NetBase Quid is the market leader in providing complete Social Media Analytics solutions with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. The company’s cutting edge NLP solutions are also used to provide business insights and market intelligence.

Breaking News & Statistics

NetBase Quid’s interactive social media monitoring solution enables users to access real-time social media statistics and track breaking news. It’s an excellent source of market intelligence being a repository of relevant and real-time social data. The company works with hundreds of high-profile organizations like Google, Yelp, Nintendo, Unilever, Kraft, Ford, Nestle, and many others.

NetBase Quid’s Social Media Analytics solution consists of a cloud-based web application. NetBase Quid’s Social Media Analytics solution is compatible with real-time social media feeds such as tweets andindra, PayPal, Adobe, Microsoft and Wego Security.

Extensive Information

The company helps brands leverage social and digital media to enhance brand visibility, identify new business opportunities and build relationships with customers. Besides, its unique data-set consisting of more than 180,000 public profile profiles, translates into close to 5 billion monthly page views, 100 million social impressions, and over 2 billion social network connections. NetBase Quid is owned and operated by NetBase, a global provider of dynamic Language Processing. The company’s technologies help businesses to understand the customer, the competitor, and the market.

NetBase Quid utilizes multiple sources of data to build its extensive information on one billion+ people in the world. The platform is capable of delivering the largest intelligence repository on these social media channels. They also have access to a rich repository of market data including web publishers and app developers. NetBase Quid offers a unique real-time social intelligence platform that delivers insightful business insights. The system enables faster and better decision-making through real-time social sentiment, customer retention, and key user engagement levels.

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