Not Following Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan Can Hurt Your Case

After an auto accident, one of the first things you should worry about is your medical treatment. Getting checked up by a professional is critical to document your injuries when they are still fresh to understand the extent of your damages. This does not only serve as evidence in court but also helps in determining the actual value of the compensation you deserve. 

However, your work does not end after visiting your doctor for a check-up. You must follow your doctor’s treatment plans strictly and set up appointments with them to make sure your health is progressing in the right direction. An auto accident attorney atlanta ga can help you understand the consequences of failing to keep up with treatment. 

Treatment plans determine your MMI

MMI or maximum medical improvement is a point in your physical health where you are unlikely to improve any further, even with treatment. When you visit a doctor, they diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan according to your injuries. 

This treatment plan contains every procedure, exercise, and medicine you need to get better. It also includes a timetable indicating when you should be reaching your maximum medical improvement. You know you have reached your MMI when your injuries have healed as much as they are likely to heal. 

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Not following treatment plans damages your credibility

Just as not visiting your doctor after an accident can be dangerous for your legal case, not following your treatment plan can ruin your credibility. When you miss your doctor’s appointments, do not take medicines on time, or cancel your meetings with your doctor without rescheduling, it is noted in the medical records. 

When the insurance company takes a look at these records and finds out that you have been negligent towards your treatment and health, they get the golden opportunity to make you look bad. Some arguments they might raise are as follows. 

  • You are purposefully elongating your treatment to drive up the medical costs and recover more compensation than you deserve. 
  • You do not care about your health as much as you like to show and are only looking to gain money. 
  • Since you do not take your treatments seriously, maybe you were not as injured as you claim to be. 

What if I had a valid reason to cancel or miss my appointments?

Attending doctor’s appointments is necessary, but matters like work emergencies and family or personal issues can show up anytime. In this case, inform your doctor about your crisis and reschedule the appointment. However, remember to not miss rescheduled appointments at any cost. 

Getting into an accident is difficult, but recovering from your injuries can be even more challenging. Some treatment plans can indeed test your patience and get in the way of you enjoying your life, but not following them can give insurance companies more ammunition to lower your claim. You can discuss your legal issues by calling an attorney. 

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