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Schools, like all other educational institutions, have been functioning in the online mode, for the last two years. The online education system was adopted by schools back in March 2020 when the first lockdown was imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This system of education brought every activity related to the education system to the online space and made teaching and learning from anywhere a possibility. Initially, the online system of education was introduced to ensure that classes could be conducted smoothly even when schools, colleges and all other educational institutions were shut down due to the pandemic. This system of education was introduced as a solution to the concerns being raised about the education of the students being affected due to the pandemic and the academic cycle being disturbed due to the same. 

With time, the online system of education was well adapted to by both the teachers and the students. As more methods of teaching and learning were introduced, new tools were developed and more flexibility was offered, the users were getting more comfortable with this system. New platforms were designed and developed for education online. Slowly, the online education system was not just meant for online classes or teaching or learning and almost every activity related to the education system switched to the online mode. 

The online system of education turned out to be easier to switch to because of the flexibility and inclusivity it offered. Also, every element of the online space for education was designed to be similar to the offline elements so as to make it familiar for the teachers and the students. 

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The online system of education was highly beneficial for school students. This system introduced even the youngest batch of students to the internet and the technology that was used for their classes in the online mode. It also helped the students in learning from anywhere. Learning on the go became possible majorly due to the online system of learning and the various different methods that it offered for attending online classes using different modes, methods and platforms. Online courses gained a lot of popularity among school students in the last two years. This type of learning tool made learning fun and also allowed the students to explore beyond their textbooks and syllabus. Online courses were also preferred by teachers and even now when offline classes have resumed in schools for the students of all age groups, many teachers continue to sell courses online while students use the same for online learning. 

Online courses can be created and sold online for the benefit of students who are willing to learn and explore more about the topics that interest them. School students find these courses especially useful as they can take up these courses without missing their classes in school or tuition. They might as well use some online courses as an alternative to joining tuitions and coachings for the subjects they find difficult. In this article, we will discuss online courses for school students and the types of online courses and subjects that are available online for students of this age group. For our teachers, we will discuss how to sell online courses that are suitable for school students and share their knowledge and experiences that will be beneficial for school students. 

Students who are in school have a fixed schedule of classes and have to follow the timetable set by the school. They have to manage their additional classes and self-studies based on that timetable. Online courses are beneficial for these students as they offer more flexibility and students can attend these classes from their homes at their convenience. They do not even have to spend time travelling. This type of course can be used for self-study or even replace coaching and tuition for most students. Some students also use online courses to learn more about the subjects that are not part of their syllabus. 

To create an online course for school students, you do not have to be a teacher by profession. If you are an expert int he subjects that the students usually take up online courses for or if you have the skills that school students would be looking forward to developing, then you can create an online course and sell the same for the students to subscribe to and start learning. 

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