SEO Trends: 7 Tips for Ranking Higher in 2021

SEO Trends: 7 Tips for Ranking Higher in 2021

Search engines are getting smarter and advanced as compared to the past year. Google, Bing, and all other search engines strive to bring the most accurate and comprehensive results to their users. To generate more organic traffic, you need to hire an SEO consulting company to optimize your website for a higher user experience.

If you are wondering about what are some latest tips to rank higher in 2021, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will have a look at the top 7 tips that will for sure help you rank higher and outperform your competitors. 


  1. Higher user experience

Search engines emphasize more on quality user experience and to thrive online in 2021, you need to optimize your website for the same. UX can contain several things that add up to the customer’s browsing experience. Excellent site’s loading speed, high-quality and problem-solving content, mobile-friendly interface, easy navigations are some of the elements of a top-notch user experience. 

Conduct a full-site audit and fix all the technical issues that your website has. Google’s RankBrain is the third most important algorithm that helps the bots to decide on which position a website should arrive. A good user experience will bring more benefits to you through RankBrain. 


  1. Add more value to high-ranking pages

This might sound a little different but yes this modern tip or guideline will help you achieve more higher rankings in 2021. Go to Google Analytics and list down all the high-ranking posts of your site. Once you figure out which posts are generating the most traffic to you, it’s time to update them with more value.

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Add more relevant content to it and update all the stats and other time-sensitive information. This small SEO tip will help you drastically improve your rankings on the keywords that you are targeting. It is because these posts are already ranking higher and when you update them, there are very high chances that your posts will outperform.   


  1. Video marketing is the future of 2021

Earlier people shifted from desktops to smartphones, and now people are making a jump from text-based content to video content. It’s not true that text is dead but the traction on videos is much higher and faster. If you are creating a comprehensive blog, then convert that content into a video script and make a video out of it. 


If you are not comfortable coming in front of the camera, go for a white-board explanation or animated format. Once you start creating videos of your content, you will get double benefits. Apart from generating traffic from search results, you will also drive traffic from YouTube. 


  1. Optimize content for featured snippets

Featured snippets are goldmines for generating a lot of traffic and improving search rankings. As they are highly interactive and people can click on them to read more on your site, the site’s ranking goes up automatically. 


But you need to keep in mind that for coming into featured snippets, your site needs to rank on the top 10 positions. This is because Google picks a site for a featured snippet from the top ten results. For arriving on these spots, make sure your website is having schema markup, quality content, and it is inclined towards E-A-T guidelines of Google.


  1. Optimize content for voice search

Voice search will dominate 2021 as it’s convenient, quick and it offers to the point answers to search queries. For ranking higher in 2021, start optimizing your content for voice search and Google will improve the search position. Search for questions that users are asking and try to include them in your content. When the relevance of content will be higher, the rankings will be improved. Optimize your content keeping the audience’s search intent in mind. 


  1. Mobile-friendly site

This criteria or trend will remain on high priority as more people are coming on mobile phones to search online. Be it shopping, booking tickets, or browsing on the go, mobile devices are already dominating the desktops. With such a higher saturation of mobile phone users, it becomes mandatory to optimize your site for mobile devices. Focus on mobile-first indexing and optimize your site excellently for mobile devices. 


  1. Focus on on-page engagement

User engagement is highly pivotal for the search engines and you have to work on your site’s technical aspects and content to generate a higher user engagement. This is a direct signal to search engines that you are a credible source and the site should be ranked in better positions. Dig down to your site’s bounce rate and prioritize your task around reducing it for better rankings in 2021. Enroll in free seo fundamentals course on Simplilearn app to learn more about seo techniques and discover other free courses as well.

These were the top 7 tips for ranking higher in 2021 and thrive online. Try implementing these tips one by one and map their results. If you don’t have an in-house team, you can hire a professional SEO company and get your site optimized. 

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