Steam Game: Hidden Gems

Steam has hundreds of thousands of games available. Some are amazing (e.g. CSGO2), and others are terrible. We’ll be focusing on the best Steam shop games that fall into the ‘amazing’ category. However, these games may be ones you’ve never heard of before. This is because we want to share the hidden gems.

Paper Sorcerer

If you’re a fan of D&D, then you’ll probably love Paper Sorcerer. This is a heavily-stylized turn-based RPG that focuses on puzzles, party building, and a unique battle system. We know that the overall style won’t be for everybody, and it seems to have limited plays since 2013. However, those that do dive into Paper Sorcerer, often play for a hundred hours or so.

Day of Defeat: Source

Day of Defeat: Source is a Valve game, but one of their most-forgotten, with most people playing CSGO2, TF2, or DOTA2. Shame, really. While Day of Defeat was never that popular, we love the whole WW2 vibe to it. This multiplayer shooter is packed full of fun classes, and there’s always a ton of people playing online so you can get your multiplayer groove on.

The Dweller

It’s no surprise that this puzzle game has gone unnoticed on Steam. The graphics don’t look brilliant. However, we promise you that if you play The Dweller, you’ll have fun. Your goal is to eat the archaeologists who have had the misfortune of stumbling into your lair. There are tons of levels in this game, and it has almost endless play. It is incredibly cheap too, so might be worth adding to your collection when you want something short and sweet to play.

Original War

Original War is an RTS/Strategy game set in the cold war era. It is an incredibly old game right now, but it has a massive number of fans. This is a game where you’ll probably need to have your strategy brain turned on, because some of the missions are insanely hard. In fact, it will probably take you a few attempts before you even get through the first 2 missions in the game.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Finally – we’ve got a co-op game for you. It is a very stylized game with some awesome music that will have you bopping along. Work with your friends (or alone) to fight off the forces of darkness. Upgrade your ship along the way to give your crew more power to battle the hordes of enemies. Each level is completely random, so you never know what to expect.

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