The Best Wedding Videography Styles for Your Personality

Your wedding day is a timeless celebration of love, a day to be treasured, remembered, and relived. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, beautiful moments, and unforgettable memories, the role of wedding videographers cannot be overstated. They are the artists who create an enduring keepsake of your special day – a personalized story that reflects who you are. But how do you choose a videography style that resonates with your personality? Here’s a handy guide to help you navigate through this decision.

  1. Cinematic Style: For the Movie Enthusiasts

If you’ve always dreamed of your love story unfolding like a blockbuster movie, cinematic videography might be the perfect fit. Wedding videographers employing this style create a visually stunning narrative, using slow motion, dramatic music, and expert editing techniques. This style is ideal for couples who are natural romantics, cherishing the grandeur and emotion of every moment.

  1. Documentary Style: For the Realists

If you are someone who values authenticity and prefers unscripted, raw emotions, the documentary style is your go-to. This style of videography aims to tell your wedding story just as it unfolds, capturing candid moments, heartfelt speeches, and genuine reactions. Wedding videographers with a documentary approach will create a heartfelt narrative that will transport you back to your special day, every time you watch it.

  1. Vintage Style: For the Nostalgic Souls

Do you have an old soul and a love for all things vintage? A wedding video with a vintage style might be the one for you. Wedding videographers can use sepia tones, grainy filters, and soft-focus effects to give your wedding video a timeless and classic feel, reminiscent of old Hollywood or a cherished family film reel.

  1. Storytelling Style: For the Story Weavers

The storytelling style, as the name suggests, focuses on creating a meaningful narrative around your love story. Wedding videographers intertwine your personal journey with the events of the wedding day, often incorporating voiceovers, interviews, and personal anecdotes. If you enjoy sharing your story and want your wedding film to resonate with your journey as a couple, this style is a perfect choice.

  1. Music Video Style: For the Rhythm Lovers

If you and your partner are music enthusiasts and love the idea of having your love story narrated through a melodious soundtrack, the music video style is for you. Wedding videographers masterfully synchronize your wedding moments to the rhythm of your favorite songs, creating an energetic and emotive film that you’ll want to watch on repeat.

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  1. Journalistic Style: For the Minimalists

The journalistic style is for couples who appreciate simplicity and a minimalist approach. Wedding videographers using this style present the events in a chronological order, capturing the day as it unfolds without any dramatic effects or staged moments. This style lets the day’s natural beauty and emotion shine through.

  1. Traditional wedding videography

Traditional wedding videography is a more formal approach to capturing your wedding day. The videographer will typically set up cameras around the venue to capture all of the key moments, such as the ceremony, the speeches, and the first dance. This style of videography is perfect for couples who want a traditional and polished look at their wedding day.

  1. Hybrid wedding videography

Hybrid wedding videography is a combination of two or more of the styles listed above. This style of videography is perfect for couples who want a unique and personalized video that reflects their individual style.

No matter what style of wedding videography you choose, make sure to interview a few different videographers before making a decision. This will help you to find someone who has the experience, skills, and personality that you are looking for.


Choosing the right videography style is a significant aspect of your wedding planning process. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. The best wedding videographers are versatile and can blend different styles to create a film that truly reflects your personality and tells your unique love story. Take time to discuss your vision with your videographer, ensuring they understand who you are as a couple. After all, your wedding video is more than just a keepsake; it’s a cherished memento that brings your love story to life, beautifully and emotionally, for years to come.