The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney Easy

In 2019 there were around 48.3 million personal injuries suffered. There were even 173,040 preventable deaths related to personal injuries. While personal injury cases come in a wide variety of forms, nearly every case needs a good personal injury attorney involved in it. 

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you know how frustrating it can be to not only experience the injury, work the recovery, but also deal with the legal ramifications following your injury. 

You need the best lawyer possible to deal with your case to see it through so you get the compensation you deserve. Are you wondering how to find a local attorney who can take care of your case?

Read on to learn about the steps you should take to find the best personal injury attorney to take care of your case. 

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Begin With a Search

Knowing you want the best lawyer who has both knowledge and experience to handle your case, it makes sense to do some research before just landing on the first attorney you meet. 

There are a whole lot of attorneys around, you want a personal injury lawyer who will know how to handle your case and get you results. 

So, it makes sense to do your homework before choosing a lawyer for your case.

Ask Around for Referrals

A good way to start is to ask friends and family members for referrals. If anyone has had a successful experience with a certain lawyer, then chances are you’ll feel good about the attorney too. You want to pay attention to the outcome they got from their case and how the attorney handled the case throughout.

Ask friends and family to share their experiences, both good and bad, and collect some names to check into. 

Search Online

There’s so much information online these days, it makes sense to start with an online search for a personal injury attorney. You can search for a personal injury attorney near me. 

Notice if there are names that pop up that have already been mentioned to you. Look at reviews that other people have written. Remember, don’t judge an attorney on one negative review. Look at the trends and how overall people feel about the experience they had with the attorney.

Consider What’s Important to You

Next, consider what matters to you. Is it important to you that you work with a local attorney? Do you want them to specialize in your type of personal injury case?

Most personal injury attorneys take cases on contingency. Make sure the lawyer handles payment in a way that works for you.

Review Candidates Websites and Credentials

In today’s tech-driven world, attorneys and law firms have lots of online information available. Take the time to review their website. You can tell a lot about the philosophy and general demeanor of an attorney by how they present themselves online. You can also learn about their areas of practice, the size of the firm, and what kinds of resources they offer. 

Meeting the Personal Injury Attorneys

Now that you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably narrowed down a list of possible attorneys to a few names. It makes sense now to start to meet with them to find just the right one for your case. 

When you’re ready to meet with them, consider the following things to help you choose your attorney.

Background and Experience

The first thing to ask your personal injury attorney candidate is to ask them to reiterate their background in personal injury cases. 

Experience is probably the most important factor to consider. How long have they been handling personal injury cases? Have they handled a case like yours before? 

Also, ask about them to discuss their outcomes. You want to know you have a personal injury attorney who gets results. 

Do They Go to Trial If Needed

The truth is that very few personal injury cases actually go to trial. Some personal injury lawyers don’t ever do trial cases. You want to ask if it becomes necessary, will your attorney take your case to trial. 

How often have they needed to do trial cases in the past? Again, what are the outcomes for those cases?

Cases Like Yours

A good question to ask is if they have ever handled cases like yours before. Ask them to discuss similar cases to your case. How did the case proceed? How long did it take? What issues arose in the case that might be similar to your case?

It’ll give you a good idea of how they will handle your case when you can see how they handled other similar cases.

How Do They See Your Case Progressing?

While the attorney may not know much about your case yet, it’s good to ask based on their experience how they see your case progressing. 

What do they anticipate happening as your case progresses? How will they approach the case? Again, just hearing the attorney talk through the case gives you a good sense of their style as an attorney so you can be sure you’re comfortable with them.

Do They Have the Resources to Handle the Case?

Most personal injury attorneys take cases on contingency. This means they don’t get paid until you get paid. So, you want to be sure they have the resources to see your case through to the finish line. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to hire investigators and experts to help with a case. Do they have the needed resources to do what’s necessary as your case progresses?

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Who Will Actually Work on Your Case?

It’s also good to ask who will actually work on your case. You want to know the attorney who will actually be handling your case. Some large firms will have a name partner meet with clients, but then they staff out the work. Ask who will handle the day-to-day tasks connected to your case.

Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

Finding a quality personal injury attorney might take a little time and research on your part. Yet, getting a good personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in how your case turns out.

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