The Concrete Cutting Process Used by Concrete Cutting Services

Before hiring any concrete cutting services provider, it won’t be much of a burden to know a little about what processes are involved in these services as a little knowledge of what to expect next is always a better option. In this article, we will be discussing the basics of the concrete cutting and core drilling process that usually involves mineral findings and conversion of the desired infrastructure in different forms.

As for what the concrete cutting process is, it is a very simple yet skilled process that involves sawing and cutting the concrete with the use of sharp tools. The tools required are wet saws, rock saws, chain saws, and floor saws.

A cutting saw, as its name suggests, is a sharp tool that is used by professionals in concrete cutting services for cutting tiles, bricks, and concrete to transform them into stairs, floors, and decoratives. The work does not end here as the process of core drill begins here which is mandatory to disappear the chamber of rocks. 

Processes used by Concrete Cutting Services

As revealed earlier, it is a simple task but it requires expertise and some methods that are utilised by the concrete cutting companies, they are:

  1. The use of Diamond Saw for performing top-notch cuts 
  2. Here comes the need for the Wire Sawing method that is utilised to cut the edges conveniently 
  3. Core Drilling comes after the Wire Sawing method to make sure that the spaces are exposed
  4. The next process in the line is Concrete wall sawing that, as its name makes it evident, is used for cutting concrete walls
  5. Now for the floors and plane surfaces, flat sawing needs to be done

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The Execution of the main task, Concrete Cutting

There are fixed steps that lead to the execution of the cutting task by concrete cutting services. However, it should be noted that these steps need to be performed with utmost care and attentiveness.

  1. The first step involves the selection of the appropriate place and its preparation by the removal of its external detritus
  2. Another step towards the cutting of concrete is the preparation of equipment such as floor saws, hammers, shovels, cutters, and grinding blades
  3. Professionals are called professionals because they perform their task by taking all the preventive measures and hence, another step involves the preparation of the safety tools
  4. The main job begins after the preparation of all the above-mentioned and required tools and the cutting starts here
  5. Following the completion of the line cut, the machine begins breaking the concrete
  6. The final step is obviously the cleaning and removal of the remains of concrete, and this marks the finalizing of work.

The technique we discussed recently is known as the Diamond Core Drill Technique and it is very popular for cutting hard rocks. Whereas, there is another method used by professional concrete cutting services, which is known as the Core Drilling Technique.

It is a technique that performs the circular cutting of concrete by using the ring-shaped cutter for metal drilling.

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