The Honest Guide On Radon Poisoning

Home is considered one of the safest spaces for individuals but what if we say that your home is not safe. Isn’t it scary? Indeed, it has been suggested in many reports that the chance of radon poisoning is much higher in an inside setting than outside one. And the higher concentration of radon can lead to various medical illnesses like cancer, etc. That’s why it is mandatory to get your home tested for radon.

Radon is formed when the radioactive elements such as uranium, radium, etc get decayed in the ground and get mixed with the soil, rock, and water. This radioactive gas is more harmful when it accumulates inside a setting like home, school, etc. If a person is being exposed to this gas for a long time then they will certainly develop a cough, emphysema, lung cancer, etc.

Various reports have stated that radon poisoning is the major cause of lung cancer after smoking. 

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How Does Radon Poisoning Affect Our Health?

When the radon starts decaying then it starts emitting alpha particles. These particles when entered into the house get stuck with aerosol or dust particles in the air. Further, when we breathe this air in, these particles enter the body and damage lung tissue.

How Radon Gas Entered Into The Building?

Radon is mostly formed in the ground and it enters the building through the surface associated with the ground. If the building has cracks and gaps then this gas can easily enter the house. That’s why it is a must to get home and buildings tested for radon exposure. Basements and ground floors are more exposed to radon levels. That’s why it is necessary to conduct a proper test to know the radon level of the building. After the test, the professionals will suggest you install the radon mitigation system. Further to ensure proper safety it is best to conduct regular testing. Other than this, to reduce the radon level, it is best to install a positive pressure system that ensures that clean and fresh air enters the building and radon gas has been emitted through a building via advection. It is the process to vary the pressure difference between the ground and the building.

Another technique is to install the radon sump in which a small void or hole is made beneath the building which acts as a medium to collect gas. To remove the gas from the hole, fans and pipes are installed.

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