The Top 5 Menswear Fashion Trends – Summer 2021

Ready to look your best when you head out to dinner or for a walk along the beach this summer?

Skip the same old jeans and tee shirt by upping your wardrobe game. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try out some of the hottest men’s fashion trends for summer 2021.

Not sure what to look for the next time you go shopping? Keep reading for some of the best menswear trends happening right now.

  1. Short Shorts

Say goodbye to calf-length basketball shorts and hello to one of the hottest designer trends of 2021. Shorts with short inseams are great for staying cool and fashionable.

Men’s fashion is ever-evolving, and with that, short inseams are in. Five-inch inseams have been booming in popularity this past summer and for good reason. Short, tighter shorts highlight leg muscles. 

  1. Streetwear

One of the most popular trends for summer is also one of the most versatile. Streetwear is not only very on-trend right now, but it’s also extremely comfortable to wear. 

This casual, hip-hop-based trend is great for summer thanks to the variety of clothes that fall into this style. From baggy shorts to chunky sneakers, you can incorporate this style into your everyday wardrobe easily.

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  1. Wide Pants

Wide trousers are a great way to stay cool during the summer heat while also staying fashionable. Breezy, loose silhouettes are very popular now, shadowing a more traditional slim fit. 

You can pair wide pants with a fitted shirt if you’re looking for a balanced silhouette, or wear an oversized, loose-fitting shirt to complete the look.

  1. Bold Patterns

Skip the tiny pattern shirts, and opt for big, bold patterns this summer. Many menswear designers are incorporating loud color blocks and busy patterns into their summer collections. 

This is a great way to throw together an outfit without too much effort. Style bold pattern shirts with plain shorts and sneakers to highlight the shirt. This keeps the outfit from looking too over the top.

  1. Nautical Vibes

Men’s summer fashion is often overlooked. If you’re looking for a way to exude summer vibes without having to settle for tropical prints? Look for clothing items that fit into a nautical style.

From navy, white, and red, to horizontal stripes, there are plenty of ways to stay on trend this summer. Be sure to take care of your clothes, and take the them. Clean, crisp clothes can elevate your look.

Stay Stylish With These Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

Looking stylish in the summer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort for style. There are plenty of options to keep you looking and feeling cool in the heat.

Don’t be afraid to try out new styles or patterns. You may find a new favorite piece when exploring different fashion trends for summer 2021.

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