The Weirdest Traffic Laws From Around the United States

Everyone knows the frustration of being pulled over for a traffic violation. As you awkwardly wait for the police officer while scrambling to find your insurance, you might be cursing yourself for breaking a traffic law you were taught in driving school.

Or were you taught it in school?

Here are some strange traffic laws your driving instructor forgot to tell you about.

In Alaska, It’s Illegal to Tie a Dog to Your Car Roof

We get it: dogs can be annoying, especially on long road trips. You may want to think twice before tying Fido to the roof of your car, though. In Alaska, this can get you and fined.

In California, You Can’t Shoot Game From Your Vehicle… Unless It’s a Whale

While your dreams of being a drive-by hunter may be dashed by this law, you can still pursue your from the road.

In Georgia, It’s Unlawful to Spit From a Car or Bus

If good southern manners don’t stop you from spitting in the street, this certainly will. Don’t worry, though. It’s still legal to hock a loogie from your truck.

In Idaho, a Police Officer Must Wait to Approach a Vehicle People Are Having Sex In

This funny traffic law gives you time to zip up your pants before talking to the police. Officers in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, are required to honk () and wait up to three minutes before approaching a car they believe people are doing-the-do in.

In Kentucky, It Is Illegal for Your Pet to Molest a Vehicle

What “molesting” means in is left to the imagination. Maybe hold the leash a little tighter while strolling down Main Street?

In Mississippi, Driving Barefoot Can Qualify as a Marriage Proposal

An old law states that driving around barefoot in Mississippi with someone of the opposite sex is enough to legally marry you. No room for cold feet here!

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In Nebraska, Drivers Should Proceed With Caution Over Mountains

Wait, does Nebraska even have mountains? Despite being one of the flattest states in the country, this funny traffic law warns residents to drive carefully when “transversing defiles, canyons, or mountain highways.” 

In West Virginia, It’s Legal to Eat Roadkill

If you kill it or claim it, you can also take it home and fry it up. With these strange driving laws, you’ll never have to worry about ordering Uber again.

Other Traffic Laws

The list of driving laws, both normal and completely bizarre, is about as old as the states that made them. From turn signals to whale hunts, every law has a story behind it. (Or, at least, a very funny lawmaker.)

Coming to a Stop

After seeing how strange traffic laws in the United States can be, we can all agree: thank goodness you learned the basics from driving school.

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