Tips for CLAT English preparation

Tips for CLAT English preparation

by Krutika Lohakare

CLAT is a national-level entrance examination for admission to under-graduate and post-graduate degree programmers in law. The English language section of the CLAT examinations is the most mark securing part of the entrance. Besides, the CLAT included this section to test a candidate’s proficiency in English based on comprehension passages, grammar, and vocabulary.  This section includes around 28 to 32 questions, each carrying one mark. Hence, it’s important to get maximum correct answers from the English section to increase your overall score.

The exam pattern of CLAT:

The duration of the CLAT entrance is of two hours. The entrance carries a sum total of 150 multiple-choice questions, with each of them carrying one mark. A candidate will get a penalty of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer. The subjects include English Language, current affairs, including general knowledge, legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and quantitative techniques. Check CLAT English Preparation Tips.

English language syllabus:

The section of the English language of CLAT 2021 contains passages of 450 words each. Those comprehensive passages are derived from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction contents from the 12th standard syllabus. Also, every passage includes a series of questions that tests the comprehension and language skills of the candidates. The questions are formed on the basis of:

  • Reading and understanding the theme of the question. Additionally, comprehend the arguments and points of view discussed in the passage as well.
  • Extract inferences and conclusions on the basis of the passage. Furthermore, summarize it.
  • Either compare or contrast the different arguments or viewpoints discussed in the passage. Understanding various words and phrases used in the passage as well.

Important topics of the English Language section

The candidates should give importance to certain topics while preparing for the entrance test. Below is a list of topics that are included in the CLAT English language section.

  • Comprehensive passage-based questions
  • Sentence correction
  • Spelling correction
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sentence rearrangement
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Foreign language words

Steps to prepare for the English Language

The candidate must make a preparation strategy to manage your time properly. Establish how much time you would require to complete the syllabus as well as revise all topics. With making a section-wise preparation, an aspirant can cover all aspects of the English language section. Check how to prepare for CLAT English Including Comprehension.

  • Improve your reading speed

Improving reading speed not only viable for the English section but also relevant for the whole paper. As CLAT is a speed bases exam, enhancing your reading ability can gain the examinee more score. Increasing reading speed implies that the candidate must understand the meaning of the passage in one or two readings.

  • Read comprehension

CLAT includes lengthy comprehension passages up to 500 to 1000 words. Thus, one must possess effective reading skills to understand the passage in one go. Again, the aspirant can develop his/her reading speed with the regular practice of reading articles, magazines, or newspapers every day. In addition, it would also help with preparing for the GK section.

  • Understand the question first

To reduce the answering time for comprehensive passage, it’s equally important to understand the questions. It’s better to go through the questions prior to the passage. Then while reading the passage, keep those questions in mind to identify which question’s answer lies where.

  • Strengthen your vocabulary 

There are also vocabulary-based questions available in CLAT’s English section, such as spelling check, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, foreign language words, etc.  The only method of improving vocabulary is through reading newspapers on a regular basis and making a list of new words.

  • Practice quiz

Additionally, by solving quizzes of synonyms, antonyms, the candidate will be able to memorize the meaning of the words.

  • Jot down necessary pointers

The candidate can have a notebook to jot down necessary pointers, which would be helpful for them to do revision or preparation at the last minute.

  • Follow only one book

It is advised to not waste time on multiple books, instead only follow only one good book, since all the English language books tend to contain similar.

  • Focus on the grammar rules

In the grammar section, most candidates lose their marks; hence, they give priority to understanding the rules of the grammar.  The grammar questions can be varied. Thus, it’s wise to go through the basics of English grammar thoroughly and practice them daily to avoid confusion regarding the correctness of a sentence.

Summing it up, for an effective English language preparation for CLAT, the candidates have to improve their reading habits and revise their grammar skills through solving plenty of practice papers for CLAT.

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