Tips to improve page speed of your website

Let’s take into consideration that you made a website. You took care of every little thing, starting from design to responsiveness, and also an essential part is an SEO. But maybe you missed out on one more critical point, and that is the speed. We all get stuck into this part whenever we build a website or page. The rate of the page of your website does matter a lot, and many people ignore that. So, here are some

Few Tips to improve your web page speed:

  1.     Reducing the size of the file and combining them:

When we build a website, we usually add files in many formats to lower the workload and simplify the look, helping the clients reach out to what they want effortlessly and effectively. This could be one of the problems where your website or the page is getting slow, and you need to deal with this to speed up your website. This helps reduce the number of files and reduce their size, which indeed is a big problem in itself. Also, try here to learn SEO mistakes and its solutions. Eventually, all these things will help you to rank better in search engine results.

  1.     Deferring the javascript loading:

To our elementary knowledge, we sometimes encounter loading other elements on a specific page, which is seen very often. Here comes the concept of deferring your files. When we defer the files, we ensure that the rest of the content on your page can load without delay, which adds up to the speed of your page and website.

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  1.     Optimization of the images and videos you use:

Some of the big reasons your page or website may be slow are the large size of pictures and the videos you have embedded on your page to look beautiful. But it would be best to optimize them, so you don’t encounter the slow loading of your page. You can do this process straightforwardly and practically:

  1.       Use of JPG format
  2.       Compressing your photos
  3.       Using 3rd party video hosting platforms

These are a few tips that you may use to deal with the larger size of your photos and videos. 

  1.     Premium web hosting packages:

Now that we have made our website using the most modern techniques and features, we need a web hosting service that will help us publish our website and page. Now here, people often don’t realize that using a low-quality web hosting service may cause considerable loss. This has a significant impact on the website’s page load speed.

Using a low-quality hosting web package won’t handle the enormous traffic, which may even lead to crashing of your websites. Using a premium-quality web hosting package is always recommended to get good services, better traffic holding capacity, and good page load speed.

  1.     Some other small tips:

Few more things we should take into consideration are:

  1.       Reducing the use of HTTP requests
  2.       Using the feature Gzip compression
  3.       Implementation of content delivery network (CDN)

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