Tips to Score Well in your Class 10 Maths Exam

Even though math is one of the most scoring subjects in class 10, over 60% of students dislike it. For some students, mathematics is a nightmare, while for others, it is a joy. It is possible to get it absolutely correct or utterly incorrect. This is, however, the basis for assigning a score to each subject.

How to get a perfect score on the maths exam

Several of us assume that having an exceptional brain is required to excel in Mathematics. This isn’t the case, though. Math is a subject that helps students improve their logical thinking and reasoning skills. It’s tough for a student to fall in love with Math in a matter of hours, but here are some pointers to help you improve your math grades.

  • Preparation Tips

Keep them in mind while preparing for the exam.  

  • Keep formulas, theories, and methods in a separate notebook.

Maths is all about equations, theories, and formulas, and you’ll want to have them on hand at all times. They’re handy so that you can read them on the move. When you’re conducting last-minute revisions, this technique is quite helpful.

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  • Work out your own solutions

It is beneficial to work through a variety of challenges, but you must also ensure that you are able to handle them on your own. Learning theories and concepts is easy, but learning how to apply them is more complicated. So, if you want to get a perfect score in Mathematics, you need to practice each question at least three to four times on your own.

  • Familiarize yourself with the syllabus

Knowing your syllabus and how each section is weighted can help you determine how much time you should devote to each portion. If you know there will be a 5 mark question from a particular part, for example, you won’t have to spend as much time on it.

  • Identify parts in which you can improve

Knowing where you need to put more effort will undoubtedly help you improve your score. Solving sample papers and taking practice exams will help you identify which parts need more practice to enhance your grades.

  • Exam Tips
  • Maintain a clean answer sheet

Keep in mind that the examiner must comprehend each step of your answer, and he will most likely have limited time to do so. For rough work, stay away from overwriting and keep clear margins.

  • Provide an orderly solution

When reviewing an answer, be sure to pay close attention to the method that led to the answer. In Math, you can’t just write the solution and earn a perfect score, therefore focusing on the numbers is a waste of time. Instead, focus on clearly mentioning the steps involved. For each step, you’ll almost certainly get some marks.

  • Try your luck with the questions you’ve done before

Before you begin answering the questions, read the question paper carefully. It’s natural to get stuck on questions you don’t understand, but keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of time to complete the paper. To do well in Math, you must first answer the problems you are comfortable with before moving on to the unfamiliar questions.

  • Make Graphs

If you draw graphs and figures with focus and neatness, they may help you achieve higher scores. A ruler and a sharpened pencil are required for this task. These are some of the essential items you should remember to bring with you since they are crucial in gaining good grades. Make sure you are not terrified of the topic if you want to score well in the Class 10 Maths exam. Make it an insightful experience rather than a chore. The only thing you should keep in mind is that in mathematics, there are no shortcuts.

What makes reference books so important for Class 10 Maths?

The NCERT texts are more than enough for most other topics included in the class 10 curriculum. The textbook is necessary for every student in terms of quantity and quality. This is also true while studying for your class 10 math exam. The Math NCERT covers most of what you need to know, with all concepts described in full with clarity and subjects covered within the curriculum range.

However, a student may need to take a step forward to prepare for their examinations and get closer to getting a full score on this exam. For students to practice, the textbook has a sufficient number of questions ranging from simple to advanced. However, this will cover 95% of the questions in your exam. Reference books are necessary to bridge the gap between 95 and 100. There will be some additional question solutions required if you want to try and successfully answer every question on the exam. These are the problems for which you will need the reference books.

Furthermore, the more conceptual problems you practice for class 10th, the more solid your foundation will become. This, in turn, will have a significant influence if you want to continue studying maths and take any competitive examinations. One of the best reference books you can rely on for scoring a perfect score in your Class 10 Maths exam is RS Aggarwal. RS Aggarwal is a book designed in such a way with extensive and exclusive concepts, definitions, problems, graphs, charts, and so much more to accurately prepare you for the exam. With a plethora of practice questions contained in it, RS Aggarwal is an unavoidable necessity for every Class 10 student wanting to score well in his/her Maths exam. Do remember to take a quick peek at RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions Chapter 16 if you’re stuck on some of its questions or concepts. The RS Aggarwal solutions are curated only for you by a team of academic experts holding 

extensive experience.


Exams are important in a person’s life, and it’s natural to be worried before one. There’s nothing to be concerned about if you prepare properly. We are here to assist you with any of your problems. Please let us know how the above-mentioned preparation and exam tips helped you with your Class 10 Maths exam. Regarding the examinations, best wishes. 

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