Top 3 Luxury Phones In India

When it comes to luxury, there is simply no end. Everyone wants to lay their hands upon something that is vintage, less in number and scarce in availability. This is why we love luxurious products! We want to stand out, we want to be unique and we surely want to look different from the rest of the crowd! That is the main reason why we love to buy stuff that is all about extravagance. There are a lot of luxurious products in the market and gadgets have also taken over. A lot of people like to invest in gadgets that are expensive, opulent and classy. Phones that are expensive always have something different and unique about themselves. Take Vertu for an example.

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This brand has literally introduced mobile phones that are studded with precious gemstones such as sapphire, rubies, diamonds, etc. Here are some of the most expensive phones in the world:

  1. Vertu Aster P Gold ( Rs79,000 ) – Now this is what we say when we mean opulence! Vertu always tops the list when we talk about the luxury phones in India or the world’s most expensive phones in general. The starting price of the phone is $1,099 (close to Rs79,000 – 80,000 ) and for those who want a gold-plated model will have to shell out $1,0100 (roughly Rs80,000). This can quite nicely be considered to be the most expensive phone out there. However, one should know that it is totally worth it! What makes this phone unique? Well, everything! From the very screen to the nuts and the bolts used! The screen of Vertu is unbreakable. No, we are not talking about it metaphorically. It is actually unbreakable. This screen is made out of sapphires. The nuts and bolts of the brand are secured from Switzerland. This is what makes Vertu extremely unique and different from the rest. Also, if you were to consider the leather of this brand, even that is par excellence. This phone also lets you see the weather for the next five days. This is one of the main reasons why it was considered to be one of the best phones for travellers. They don’t have to face the hassle of time-clocks and world-clocks. Everything is available at the touch of a button! Vertu is extremely classic when it comes to durability, functionality and efficiency. The leather used is real, pure and of superior quality. The manufacturers of this phone were aware about the price of this phone, but there is a catch here: Vertu is not made for everyone. Not everyone can afford to buy Vertu Aster P Gold. It’s only meant for those that can actually afford it.

  1. Apple IPhone XS – Apple is considered to be a brand that is quite expensive and it comes to phones and gadgets. Of course, it cannot be compared to Vertu, but the price is fairly higher as compared to the rest of the phones in the market. Unlike Vertu, apples do not have any gemstones studded in themselves. Their screen is made out of glass, not sapphires. Well, this isn’t an advertisement for Vertu, but the one who is fond of opulence will surely go for Vertu. However, Apple is also a brand that is widely preferred by the people.

  2. Goldvish Eclipse (Rs5.27 lakh) – Damn, you read that right! The Goldvish Le Million costs $7668 which translates to Rs5.27 lakh in India. The reason why this smartphone is this expensive is because it’s handmade and also bears exotic leather coupled with a framework of precious metals. This phone also comes with a scratch-resistant 5.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and runs on Android operating system. Cute, but is it still as good and opulent as Vertu? We don’t quite think so.

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You are looking forward to buying a phone that equips you with all the resources and beauty you should go for Vertu phones. One doesn’t need much explanation to say that this brand has introduced some of the best phones in the market. The ones who have the ability to buy such a phone should definitely go for it. After all you don’t always get the opportunity to lay your hands upon a phone that is bedazzled and a treat to the eyes. 

Vertu phones are a class apart. From impeccable services to great aesthetics, everything is available at a touch here. The nuts and bolts of these phones are made in Switzerland, which only goes to show how particular the manufacturers of this phone were. Owning a Vertu phone is equivalent to owning luxury. You don’t always own it, but when you do, you want to keep it, cherish it, and use it for a lifetime. 

The best part about Vertu is that these phones can actually be used for the entirety of your life. These phones are strongly built and can never be broken by the face of this earth. The use of sapphires only goes to exude the superior craftsmanship that is considered and executed in such phones.

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