Top 4 Newbie Mistakes Made With Local SEO

If you have a local business, it is important to stay on top of search engine result pages so nearby clients will go to you and not your competitors. You’ve done everything like using the right local keywords, making a blog, utilizing meta tags, and the like. However, after making a lot of effort to see your business name and location at the top of the list, you still get dismal results in your area. The online marketing gurus digital marketing agency suggests that you can be making mistakes that you’re not aware of. Take a look at the common newbie errors that violate basic local SEO rules. Check them out below: 

Neglecting Google My Business

One of the worst blunders you can ever make is forgetting your Google My Business. The largest search engine gives you an opportunity to open your business page on their platform. From there, you can adjust your “name, address, phone” or NAP. If this information is not updated on your business profile or if you have no profile at all, you will definitely fail in boosting your local SEO ranking. Instead, another local business near you will take the top slot. Keep in mind; Google is the top honcho when it comes to local SEO efforts, so make sure you satisfy them to yield the best local citation results.

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Trying to Rebrand Often 

Local searches are about consistency. People love seeing something familiar, which they can trust. After all, it feels amazing to find a dependable business near their place of residence or office. Local clients patronize their local favourites and actually detest change. Thus, you must make an effort to keep your NAP information the same. If you attempt to rebrand every so often, you will lose your edge. For best results, stick to the same brand name, domain, and contact information. The longer you carry that same NAP, the more loyal your local clients will be. After all, business is all about reputation, so clients patronize brands they trust. 

Forgetting Other Search Engines

Yes, Google may be number one, but that does not mean you can neglect the other search engines. A professional from the online marketing gurus digital marketing agency said that you could not ignore Yahoo and Bing because your competitors do not. Just like Google, other search engines allow you to set up local listings. By filling out your NAP on these sites, you enhance your clout and show your credibility even more. Besides, when you enter this very basic information with other search engines, you can boost your overall SEO listing across the board. 

Failing to Create a Listing for Each Local Branch

Finally, if you have more than one branch of your business in varying locations, you must create more than one listing. Do not use the same profile for all your branches. Think of it as akin to a phone book, where every location is one entry. Similarly, search engines treat your businesses in the same way. Local SEO does not appreciate consolidation, so go ahead and do multiple listings. This approach will increase and amplify your chances of attracting the local target market.

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