Top 5 parenting concepts that have never gone out of vogue

With children needing to stay engaged and productive throughout the day, parents are increasingly considering kids activities at home or other fun kids activities online that they can indulge in, for learning new skills, making new friends and having more fun at the same time. There are tons of such innovative options offered at the Yellow Class. While all this may be fine, it depends on the type of parent you are, as to the level of growth and development of your child in his/her early years. What type of parent are you? Here are 5 parenting concepts or styles that have actually never gone out of vogue in all these years! 

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  • Authoritarian Parenting- This is a stringent approach towards bringing up children. Parents have high expectations and firm regulations set for their children without asking for too many inputs from them. Authoritarian parents believe in enforcing discipline and laying down ground rules from the outset with strict punishments whenever the latter are not adhered to. The good side is that kids learn more respect for rules and think before they end up doing something. However, over-rigidness may lead to more pressure on children and end up curbing their inner freedom, creativity and sense of identity along with their overall confidence. 
  • Authoritative Parenting- Authoritative parents usually find a balance between being strict and also supportive and affectionate at the same time. Instead of making children follow rules just because they lay down the same, they will discuss it more as a family. Yet, they will still be clear about who is holding charge and will have kids being held accountable when they do not operate as expected. Discipline will come through guiding, coaching and utilization of logical and natural consequences. These parents will keep adjusting as per evolving stages of children. This approach is healthier and children are usually more cooperative and self-reliant. 
  • Attachment Parenting- Attachment parenting is tied to the very theory of attachment itself, i.e. the belief that children should always be nurtured while staying physically close to the primary caregiver in the early years as well. Some see this as a sub-category of authoritative parenting styles but it is quite different, putting more emphasis on touch and affection alike. This parenting style is good for helping children deal with change, stress and adversities although it is challenging for parents at times while being overly clingy for kids as well. 
  • Permissive Parenting- This style means parents are nurturing and warm although they are sometimes lax or inconsistent with regard to enforcing discipline and rules. They are usually more like friends than people to emulate. Children usually do not have many responsibilities in this scenario and their days not always have a lot of structure. However, these children are freer in terms of thought and actions. They will be more inclined towards fully exploring their potential although there will be some issues owing to lack of discipline and structure in their lives. 
  • Free-Range Parenting- This style of parenting is somewhat similar to the earlier one. Parents are adjusting, fluid and have few rules in place. The difference here is that free-range parents spend time on teaching children to actually grow more independent. They allow children to do whatever they feel capable of doing instead of letting them do what they want. This may help children in becoming more reliant and aware while encouraging problem solving and creativity simultaneously. 

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