Top 5 Reasons For Choosing A Career in AWS With DevOps

Here in this guide, we will discuss why AWS with DevOps is a deadly combination of skill-sets. We will start with some basics and then later reveal the top 5 reasons. 

What is DevOps? 

DevOps is not just an integration between the development and operations teams to make the software development and releases cycle much faster. It is a cultural shift in the software development methodology as it brings collaboration and heightened communication between the two teams; Development and Operations. 

DevOps Workflow

DevOps has helped in drastically decreasing the waiting period thanks to its comprehensive approach. Let us take a look at the DevOps workflow components to get a better understanding. 

There are several DevOps Workflow components which are: 

Continuous Integration: Always the application/software is under development, and it’s updated with a ready-to-use code available in a shared repository.

Continuous Delivery: With this component, companies can roll out their updates to their users in a sustainable and quick manner. 

Continuous Deployment: It helps in releasing fully automated and validated codes to users frequently in a shorter time frame. 

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback: Continuous Monitoring and feedback loophole is important for offering the best applications and updated with complete security features. And that is possible only after getting feedback and reviews from the end-users. 

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Benefits of DevOps

With the rise of DevOps methodologies, there is a sharp increase in the number of companies, businesses, and enterprises investing in DevOps. There are clear benefits of implementing DevOps methodology which are: 

  • DevOps removes silos and creates an ecosystem where the development and operations teams collaborate and communicate. 
  • DevOps promises faster delivery of software to the end-user, thus high Return on Investment (ROI). 
  • The Continuous Monitoring component helps in reducing the time it takes to develop an application as they help in detecting bugs and errors early in the development process. It also helps in delivering quality products and services to the end-user. 
  • Continuous Deployment helps in releasing software in a much shorter time frame, which will fix many of the existing problems like security fixes, new trending features, which in turn establishes a reliable reputation and credibility among end-users. 

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a Cloud Services Provider from Amazon that offers its customers on-demand services like computing, analytics, database, data storage, AI, ML, networking, and many more at a pay-as-you-go service model. These features make AWS an affordable, reliable, and scalable solution for businesses and enterprises. 

It came into existence in the year 2006, and since then has captured the market and garnered huge respect and reputation among end-users, which ultimately transformed Amazon from just an e-Commerce website to an innovation hub that professionals are aspiring to join. 

With more development and usage, Cloud has become one of the safest ways to store data than an in-house or on-premise storage service. Cloud Services Vendor offers three types of services to its customers that they can choose from their specific use-cases. And they are: 

IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service

PaaS- Platform as a Service

SaaS- Software as a Service

Benefits of AWS

User-friendly: AWS is easy to use and set up. You can use AWS Management Console to set up and host applications quickly and securely with the help of documented web services APIs. 

Flexible enough: AWS Services are easy to use and offer maximum flexibility that will help you choose only those services which suit your requirement. You can even select your programming language, OS, database services, etc. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Since the user has flexibility in choosing the services they require, they also have to pay for the time it’s consumed and the portion of services they use. 

Reliable and Secure: AWS Services are reliable and secure at the same time, as AWS keeps up redundant data storage services so that even if a data center goes down, your data is safe. And talking about security, AWS employs qualified Cybersecurity professionals to keep your data secure and safe.  

What is AWS with DevOps?

DevOps has quickened all the processes involved in the software development life cycle. Cloud integration has added a new dimension to DevOps implementation. More demand for even faster deployments and service upgrades is a requirement of a system that made possible a faster development cycle with cloud-based service for quick deployment. Talking about this integration AWS is the best option. If you are looking for a great course on DevOps with AWS, check out the AWS DevOps Certification

Responsibilities of AWS with DevOps Engineer

Being a DevOps professional with AWS as cloud skills you must perform several responsibilities like: 

  • Implement and manage continuous delivery systems
  • Automate security controls, oversee governance and compliance validations. 
  • Define and deploy systems for monitoring, log, and metrics. 
  • Have to implement highly available and scalable systems. 

Top reasons for choosing a career in AWS with DevOps 

Going forward, it’s the era of the Cloud: 

Cloud Computing is the trending technology of today’s IT infrastructure. There are millions of jobs that are open for qualified professionals. If you are looking to upgrade this is the perfect time for upskilling.

Easy to learn and use:

You must be an expert in Linux and a programming language to start your journey in DevOps and AWS. Starting on these domains offers you immense opportunities. 

High Paying Jobs:

According to job portals, DevOps with AWS as skills is bagging high salary positions in various companies. So if you are upskilling then be ready to take home a higher salary than your current position. 

Businesses of today require this integration:

Today it’s all about speed and agility. DevOps alone is powerful but with AWS integration it becomes even more powerful and offers an edge over its competitors. Which any business cannot afford to let by. There is a huge demand for such qualified professionals in these businesses. 

High Demand:

DevOps Engineers rank #2 in Glassdoor’s Top 50 jobs in American Market. AWS is increasing its market share with each passing year. So if you combine both skills, you can imagine the need for such skill-sets. 

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