Top tips to improve your home security

Top tips to improve your home security

by Ramit Kaur

No one wants to think that they will be the victim of a burglary but the truth is that any of us could be. Luckily, there are ways to secure your house and discourage intruders from entering; some are simple while others may seem more elaborate. Still, it is best to be prepared and have safety measures in place rather than being caught unawares, so we have compiled a list of top tips to improve your home security to help you choose what will fit your needs best.

Locks, doors and windows

Updating the locks on your doors and windows can be another practical way to secure your house. Inspect the doors and windows and see if the door and window frames need to be replaced as well, because old, weak frames can provide an easy point of entry for the more determined intruders.

For the windows you can invest in window handles with locks, as most times windows will be the preferred point of entry. Apart from securing them with locks you can also reinforce the glass to ensure it is not easily breakable. Another measure you can take is to plant some prickly bushes under the windows to discourage intruders from entering through there.

If you have a garage, shed or any other outbuilding on your property you can consider fitting them with sturdy  padlocks for an extra layer of protection. This can slow down any intruders trying to break in, and give you or your security company time to call the authorities. Inside the property, padlocks can be a good choice for any drawers or cupboards where you store any valuables or important documents.

Security system

One of the most popular and effective things you can do is to install a security system. Just having one and making sure it is visible can discourage intruders from trying to enter your house. Most security companies will have different security plans to choose from. Also, it may depend on the area that you live in what security plan will best fit your needs. In a low crime area, you may not need the more expensive and inclusive plans. A bonus of having a security company is that they can alert the authorities on your behalf if there is any suspicious activity around your house.

You can install home security cameras and sensors that are connected to one or more of your devices. Whether you are home or not they can alert you of any activity around your property.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting up the front and back porch can turn away intruders. Having lighting that uses activity sensors, or setting a timer for your lights to turn on at certain times, can give the illusion that someone is home. Even if that is not enough, intruders prefer the cover of darkness and poorly lit areas, so installing lights around your house can discourage them from trying to enter.


A safe is a great way to keep your valuables and important documents secure. You can find many types and sizes on the market that can easily fit into your designated space. Since a safe will be hard to get through and heavy to take away, it can deter burglars.

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