Types of Veneers: A Basic Guide

Maybe your teeth are chipped? Maybe your teeth are cracked? Perhaps they’re discolored past the benefits of teeth whitening? 

In any case, you’re looking to. But before you do, you want to learn about the different types of veneers. Fortunately, we can help you with that. 

Without further ado, here are the different types of dental veneers available to you. 

Porcelain Veneers

The cream of the veneer crop is porcelain. Strong and durable, these can last up to 15 years and sometimes even more. Aesthetically pleasing, they look almost identical to real teeth. 

These are made in a lab and are fashioned to look like the patient’s actual teeth. Stain-resistant and easy on the gums, their only downside is their expense, which is quite high. 

Composite Veneers

Next up are composite veneers. Cheaper than porcelain veneers, they’re a more popular choice overall. While they aren’t as aesthetically perfect as porcelain veneers, they still look quite nice, blending in with the patient’s real teeth in an anonymous manner. 

Note, however, that they’re much less durable, typically only lasting 5 years or so. In addition, they’re vulnerable to staining. Learn more about the veneers process now. 

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Palatal Veneers

Palatal veneers are veneers that fit the backs of the teeth. They aren’t used for aesthetic purposes, but for functional ones. They’re capable of covering chips and cracks and are therefore used to eliminate aches, pains, and other tooth-related problems. 

These aren’t used all that much. However, if you have issues with the backs of your teeth, your dentist might recommend them. 


Lumineers are a specific brand of veneers that are extra-thin and that can be attached to the teeth without any preparation. In other words, they don’t require the teeth to be shaved down at all. 

Generally used for those with severe tooth discoloration, they lack durability and are quite expensive. So, in most cases, they’re not the option that should be opted for. 

Removable Veneers

The last type of veneer that we’re going to discuss is removable veneers. These come in a few different forms. 

One form of removable veneer is heated in boiling water and then placed over the teeth. The teeth shape to the veneer, allowing it to fit comfortably like a mouthguard. 

Another form of removable veneer is made from the patient’s dental impressions. These are sent to a lab where a custom mouthguard is created. 

The draw of these is that they’re inexpensive. Note, though, that they fall far short of the other options on this list. These should only be used in situations where the patient needs veneers in a hurry. 

There Are All Types of Veneers Out There

As you can see, there are all types of veneers out there. So, do your research and choose the ones that best benefit you. 

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