What are AirTrack Mats?

The AirTrack training kit combines the best of a trampoline, bouncy castle, footrest and landing Mat. These mats can be used for different levels of exercise in gymnastics, parkour, cheerleading, tricks, kung fu and even physical therapy where you can play with the air.

Why choose AirTrack over any type of training mat?

The mat air track, is an explosive badge used by gymnasts, athletes and children during training. It is widely used because it is a safe, soft, durable and breathable plastic.

The great thing about this mattress is that it can play with the wind, the most versatile training mattress in the world, allowing you to adjust the stiffness of the mattress yourself. Why are you looking for your first job and your young children in professional tours?

AirTrack Features

These Mats are made of high quality and durable plastic (the same plastic used in explosive containers such as Stam Up Matdleboard) and are safe and durable due to their structure. Mattresses have very large hanging lights so you can exercise safely, and some mattresses can pass a lot of air. 

How long is the channel?

The tubes last an average of 10 years with normal use. Life expectancy depends on how often you use the product. When used properly, some AirTracks can last 12 years or more!

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Versatile And Portable

Once installed, all Mats can be installed anywhere. The Mat is not connected to a pump that must always blow air. So there is no noise during use and you can use the mat anywhere. The mattress is well designed with zero air loss during use. AirTracks are designed to allow you to play under fat and stress, making it very difficult and safe to land as strong and fast as a jump on the ground. 

Airless, completely silent, lightweight (usually 3kg per square meter), flat, with little storage space (the 15m AirTrack can fit in any car unless raised), and even installs very quickly. 

Better For The Body

Exercising on the AirTrack mat is great for the body and mind. Your joints are less sensitive as the cushion absorbs the impact. They can also perform high-speed jumps, and somersaults are very effective, especially if you raise them slowly for stability.

For Flexibility And Security

You may think that if you could do a better job with less pain in your body, you would love it. Children who are afraid of falling will engage in strenuous physical activity if they don’t fall. Great for kids flexibility and confidence!

Airtrack 4″ X 8″ (10cm X 20cm)

If gymnasts want to train at the next level, they need to feel comfortable and confident on the mat. Soft Mats, such as 4-inch ones, offer more flexibility and play better than 8-inch or 12-inch cell Mats and are better for aerobic exercises like bending and jumping.

AirTrack versus trampoline

Trampoline is also a fun activity for children, but you must learn to organize and balance carrying skills and movement restrictions.

Trampolines are designed to jump up and down to hit the air, while AirTracks are designed to make ground training easier. Of course, it’s not good if the top athlete wants to do the jumps and punches associated with the high jump. Therefore, the trampolines are mainly intended for children and adolescents who like to jump with moderate movements. This message is still valid.

So if you are looking for more opportunities, activities, cheats and want to reach a larger audience, AirTrack is the answer. We talk about cheerleaders, acrobats, martial artists, gymnasts, circus performers and more. From the wide range of carpets you can choose the one that suits you best. It’s completely different than a trampoline. In addition to the best AirTrack Mats;

Best airtrack: AirTrack 3m

The Kameymall  AirTrack is a good home mattress because it has fewer features than the other two models on the table.

Even garden athletes, kids or nature lovers can use Meet effectively. The dimensions of this AirTrack are 3 meters (300 x 100 x 10 cm) and it weighs 11 kg. Ideal for gamers, but also great for kids to play at home or in the garden.

Made of double-walled PVC. Robust and waterproof.

With this mat you have plenty of space to exercise or play, but you can also use it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The air pressure can be adjusted according to the number of people going at the same time. AirTrack can even be used on the water!

Best Long AirTrack 5m: Fbsport Airtrack Gymnastics Mat

Other residents of the Fb Sport Airtrack fitness mat can be ordered in different colors such as different heights, this luxury mattress is more interesting. You can choose a large mat such as a gymnasium, gym or martial arts academy. Small mats are useful at home, as if several players are training on the ground at the same time. This carpet is available in different lengths. The carpet in the photo is 400 cm long, 1 meter wide and 10 cm long. Different colors are black, blue, purple, blue, pink and white-blue. PVC layer is 0.9 mm thick to increase breathability and resistance.

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