What are Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses in a Health Insurance Policy?

When we are hale and hearty, the world around us seems wonderful. However, a sudden change in your health and everything becomes upside down. You do not feel energetic and get stressed easily. This stress is not just from the disease or the health condition you are facing, but from the financial pressure of incurring the expenses from your own pocket to cure the illness. 

Here comes the role of health insurance. Having a good, all-inclusive health plan allows the insured to stay at peace regarding the cost of treatment that you need to pay for curing an illness or any other health condition. These include costs incurred for the treatment of accidents, any critical disease, and Pre and Post Hospitalization charges among others.   

Now if you are not clear about the Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses in health insurance policy, you will get the idea about the same in this post.

So, What do you mean by Pre- Hospitalization costs in a health plan?

There are many ailments that require a sick person to incur expenses to get diagnosed ahead of being admitted in a hospital for a surgery or any other treatment. These expenses are called Pre-Hospitalization Charges. The charges incurred on tests like blood, urine, diagnostic costs, X-rays, MRI etc., are all included in Pre-Hospitalization expenses. These tests are done so as to diagnose an illness or treatment and to aid the doctor in starting the treatment accordingly.  The charges incurred for such tests and diagnosis are called pre-hospitalization charges.   

In general, health insurance companies cover the insured for 1 month or 30 days of pre-hospitalization expenses. In some cases, it can go up to 2 months as well.

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What do you mean by Post- Hospitalization costs in a health plan?

Similar to Pre-Hospitalization expenses, the Post-Hospitalization costs are the ones that you have to incur after going through a surgery or treatment of a particular health condition. These expenses occur after the patient gets released from the hospital. Cost of medication, follow-up check-ups, scans, physiotherapy etc., are some of the expenses that one has to go through under post-hospitalization treatment to ensure complete recovery.   

Most health plans allow coverage against 2 to 3 months or 60 to 90 days of post-hospitalization treatment and related expenses. But there are some plans that come with post-hospitalization protection of over 4 months or 120 days.

Why buy a Health Insurance policy with coverage for Pre and Post-Hospitalization?

There are many reasons to purchase a health insurance plan with pre and post-hospitalization coverage. Some of them are mentioned below:

Coverage gets Extended – With a health insurance policy that allows coverage of pre and post-hospitalization, your chances of enjoying extensive health coverage broadens and the chances of incurring financial loss due to medical costs of before and after treatment gets reduced.   

Limits your Monetary Burden – Since this cover protects you against expenses of pre and post hospital charges, you get relieved of a huge and costly affair in terms of financial burden gone out of your pocket. 

Deal Better with Medical Emergencies – The availability of pre and post-hospitalization cover in your health plan allow the policyholder to stay prepared against any medical emergencies. This is because in such cases the insurer pays for the expenses.

Reduces Stress Levels  – A health plan that comes with pre as well as post-hospitalization protection is best suitable to lower the stress levels of policyholders. Since these plans take care of the financial needs of an individual, they can stay stress-free and without the worry of the finances that they need to incur for pre & post-hospitalization expenses.

Cashless Cover – The availability of cashless treatment cover is another huge benefit presented by health plans that come with pre & post-hospitalization costs. Under this feature you can use the services of network hospitals that are enlisted under the insurer’s network and avail cashless benefits for treatment of pre and post-hospitalization. 

To Conclude

A disease comes with a lot of expenses even before it is diagnosed properly by the medical practitioner. And these expenses are not just essential but costly as well. Likewise, after a patient gets discharged from the hospital they are likely to spend on post care expenses too. All these turns out to be huge expenses for the sick before he/she gets fully recovered. 

Hence, if you use a health insurance policy with pre & post-hospitalization cover, you can stay free from these expenses. However, it is important to check the policy well for its coverage period,  pre and post-hospitalization expenses as well as other important aspects before buying a plan. Also buying it from renowned insurance broker like Paybima would make the process easy and effortless. 

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