What Are The Advantage Majors Of The University Of Melbourne?

As the top university in Australia, the University of Melbourne undoubtedly has many strong majors and has excellent performance in many fields. But among them, the strength of several majors is very prominent, such as law, education, accounting and finance, chemical engineering and sociology.


The University of Melbourne’s law major is ranked eighth in the world and first in Australia. The University of Melbourne’s law school (Melbourne Law School) was established in 1857 and has a long history. It is the top law school in Australia, and it is also very advantageous and among the best in the world. The school has opened JD (Juris Doctor), Master of Laws and postgraduate research degrees. It also has 18 research centers and research institutes, which can provide students with research and teaching on various legal topics.

Every year, more than 170 guest lecturers, researchers and visiting scholars from Australia and around the world come to the school to communicate and teach. The teachers give vivid lectures and can well develop students’ thinking.

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The Department of Education at the University of Melbourne is the oldest education department in Australia. The Department of Education at the University of Melbourne ranks sixth in the world and first in Australia. The scope of this major is very broad, including early childhood teaching, primary school teaching, middle school teaching, language teaching and other aspects. Since 2010, the Department of Education of the University of Melbourne has officially changed to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and no longer offers undergraduate education courses. The school’s main courses are divided into Master of Education (for students who are already undergraduates in education or students who have engaged in the teaching profession) and Master of Teaching (any undergraduate degree may apply). The Research course mainly arranges students to work together in teams to research a scientific research project.

Accounting and Finance

The University of Melbourne Business School is the top business school in Australia as well as the Asia-Pacific region, with the most high quality teaching and the best team of teachers. The comprehensive strength of the accounting and finance major at the University of Melbourne is very strong. After graduation, the students of this major are scrambled by the four major accounting firms. The starting salary and employment rate of students rank first in Australia.

Chemical Engineering

The University of Melbourne School of Engineering is the first engineering school in Australia and one of the top engineering schools that attracts the most attention from international students. In addition to being ranked among the best in the world for chemical engineering, the school ranks 11th in the world for civil and structural engineering, 13th in the world for computer science and information systems, and 15th in the world for electrical engineering. Other majors are also ranked in the forefront of the world, which is very advantageous.

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Sociology at the University of Melbourne ranks sixth in the world and first in Australia. The courses it contains mainly include undergraduate sociology major and honors undergraduate sociology major. The courses of this major can train students’ ability in learning and communication, and the employment scope of students after graduation is very wide. Students can also take elective studies in their field of interest in the last semester to expand their scope for future employment.