What Are the Main Different Types of Essays That Students Write Today?

One of the largest reasons that students don’t feel comfortable writing essays is that they don’t understand the work. 

Having clear expectations for essay writing can help give students more guidance and confidence.

If you are preparing for the new school year, there are a couple of types of essays that you should know about. 

Continue reading to discover some of the most common types of essays that you may have to write! 


One of the most common types of essays used in high school and college is analytical essays. 

Analytical essays typically describe some concept. From this information, the writer then discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the content. By comparing this information, the writer provides an objective analysis of the writing. 

Analytical writing doesn’t necessarily involve stating a specific position. Instead, it looks at all of the information at hand. 


If you want to be a prepared and smart student, you will need to know what an expository essay is. 

Expository essays are often called definition essays. This is because they are the most basic form to present information. By working with a research paper writing service, you can learn how to present the details of a concept or idea.

This type of essay does not involve making a stance or argument. An example of an expository essay could be about explaining what a plant-based diet is. 

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Many people enjoy writing persuasive, or argumentative, essays to state their stance on an issue.

Although these types of essays can be intimidating to some, it allows the writer to include their thoughts and beliefs. Persuasive essays should present all sides of the issue, however, the writer should put more emphasis on the side that they are arguing on.

A strong persuasive essay should have a clear position that people can gather from reading all of the information. 


Narrative essays are one of the easiest types of essays to write because they are about the writer.

The writer uses personal experiences and storytelling to write about a specific event in their life. This makes it easy to come up with content because the writer can pull it all directly from their experiences. Typically this type of essay is nonfiction or autobiographical. 


If you want to write about a specific event or object, the best essays to write are descriptive. 

Descriptive essays are comparable to narratives, however, they involve writing about different senses. Taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight are all introduced to bring descriptive essays to life and transport the reader. 

This type of essay doesn’t always tell a full story and the writer doesn’t make an argument. 

Do You Know All the Types of Essays?

There are many types of essays that you will be responsible for writing in high school and college.

By utilizing this guide, you can understand the differences between each essay and how to properly write one. Depending on the purpose of your writing, there is an essay that will match your goal. 

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