What are “unstitched,” “semi-stitched,” “ready to wear,” and “made to measure” Kurtis?

Dress material (unstitched) refers to solely unstitched cloth. The cloth will need to be sewn according to your specifications. You may have the identical outfit embroidered by using our stitching services, or you can have the outfit stitched at home.

Unstitched textiles with pre-defined neck styles, sleeve styles, sleeve lengths, neck depths, and outfit lengths are referred to as semi-stitch. You must have such items sewn according to your specifications.

Ready to wear (standard stitching) refers to creating the clothing in the style presented based only on the bust size. The rest of the specifications are in line with the size chart.

The made-to-measure (custom tailoring) option entails personalising the costume with comprehensive personalised measurements and requirements such as Fit (Waist, Armhole, Shoulder, etc. ), Style (Neck Style, Sleeve Style, etc. ), and Adornment (Waist, Armhole, Shoulder, etc). (Ex – Tassels, Fancy Hangings etc.)

What do you mean by when you only say “Dress Material”?

Dress material only refers to the unstitched fabric. To make the fabric wearable, it will need to be sewn. You may have the identical outfit embroidered by using our stitching services, or you can have the outfit stitched at home.

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Benefits of buying Dress material online for your desired dress!

  • Unique body types – Every person has a distinct personality and physical type, which goes without saying. As a result, every woman’s body form and curves are unique. Some women have a slender neck, while others have a large breast line. Similarly, some women may have a narrow shoulder line, but others may have large arms. Salwar Kameez’s overall appearance is influenced by factors such as body type, height, and body shape. A long kurta, for example, may not fit a woman of short stature since it would make her appear submissive.
  • Cost-effective Dress material– There’s also a hidden benefit, which I’d like to share right now. You may be shocked to learn that purchasing dress material rather than prepared garments save you money. It is a cost-effective solution. Many luxury textiles may be purchased for a fraction of the price of finished products made of the same material.

There are also a plethora of inexpensive unstitched fabrics with appealing prints like Madhubani, Batik, abstract motifs, and many more that are rarely seen in prepared outfits.

  • Fashion Trend – Fashion is a very uncertain industry. Long kurtas are currently fashionable, and no one knows what will be fashionable next. As a result, in such a situation, females play cleverly. They buy the cloth and get it sewn according to the newest fashion whenever there is a party or get-together. Yes! That is very appreciated. It relieves a lot of the tension and worry that comes with racing to the store to get a new outfit.
  • Bottoms & dress materials online – When it comes to bottoms, they are also an important aspect of the dress that completes the style. And, because of the salwar’s unusual design, it’s not simple to get the fit quite perfect.

As a result, if you buy an unstitched piece of cloth, you can have the exact proportions that suit your comfort and elegance. There are also alternatives like churidar and palazzo, which you may choose from.

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