What Food and Drinks Can You ‘Whip’ With Whipped Cream Chargers (Nangs)?

What Food and Drinks Can You ‘Whip’ With Whipped Cream Chargers (Nangs)?

by Ramit

Surely, the cream is the number one food that you would think about if you are planning to whip some food up. Whipped cream is the most famous type of whipped food product ever produced and sold, and has never lost its touch for many centuries around different parts of the world. After all, whipped cream has an appealing appearance that makes it perfect for garnishing, and has that light sweetness that you will surely never get enough of.

As a result, whipped cream chargers were made to provide you with the benefit of whipping the cream right away while placing it in a canister. It is cheap to buy cream chargers and they are easily available to purchase online. You can even get them delivered to your door from various nang delivery services. This avoids you all those times of “manually” mixing all the whipped cream ingredients in, and makes the task very easy to do. The help of the whipped cream chargers has enabled us to whip almost any type of drink that we want. The method of whipping applies to several types of food and drink that you did not expect to be great as a sweet whipped treat. 

Take note that the list of food listed here require you to use cream into it since the cream is still the sole ingredient that can be whipped to properly. You can add milk as well if you want a lighter type of whipped food instead. Without further ado, to find out what are those food and drinks that can be whipped with a whipped cream charger, take note of the following:

Whipped Coffee

During the start of the pandemic in early 2020, Dalgona coffee was introduced. This is the type of coffee that looks like whipped cream. Surprisingly, the process of creating Dalgona coffee was almost the same as the process of making whipped cream. Dalgona coffee was also the reason why a lot of people love to whip up their drinks nowadays. Today, you can now do this awesome coffee-crafting technique with the help of whipped cream chargers. All you have to do is create the base coffee with the whipped cream charger so then you can just apply it straight to a glass of milk.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry milk that’s whipped through the process of using the whipped cream charger is one of the most fantastic creations. After all, milk and strawberry are proven over and over to be a perfect match. That’s why there’s strawberry ice cream, strawberry-flavored candy bars, and even strawberry milk itself. So, why not create a whipped version of strawberry-flavored milk or cream? It wouldn’t hurt, and the results are all worth it, right? This pink drink will surely be something that you would love to make in the comfort of your home.

Peanut Butter 

Those who love peanut butter would like to get a hand with this awesome treat! Whipped peanut butter is possible to make, and is very easy to do as well. Surely, you can make your version of peanut butter by blending peanut and some ingredients. But remember that you can still use the classic instant peanut butter that you can buy in groceries to make this tasty whipped treat as fast as you can. Just take note to add cream with peanut butter if you plan on whipping it, as cream helps the whipping process become smoother once you use a whipped cream charger.


I did not expect this to be a good ingredient to add to your whipped cream charger and canister. Chai is also known to be a popular drink nowadays and is perfect when blended as a cold drink. That’s why some dessert enthusiasts decided to create a whipped cream version of it, as it’s very easy to blend with cream or milk. Chai is also an alternative to coffee to some people. Gladly, turning this into whipped cream is not as hard as you would have imagined it to be.


Avocado is a fruit that’s known to be used widely as a type of dessert. Whether you want to turn it into a sweet snack or drink, it’s your call! Avocados can also be whipped just like the rest of the food mentioned above. Once again, you still have to use a bit of cream for the avocado to incorporate very well into the whipped cream chargers and canisters so then they can be whipped into creamy goodness that’s perfect for snack time.

Take note that these are just some of the many food and drinks that you can whip with a whipped cream charger. As long as it’s desserts, the cream is very good to add to it. That’s why ice cream has a lot of flavors to choose from. That’s why there are some clever minds out there who decided to create a variety of flavorful goodness into whipped cream. After all, whipped cream is an excellent garnish for your sweets, and is also something that you won’t get enough of. So, why not add some additional flavor to it to make things all the more fun? 

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