What is a Makeup Vanities?

A dressing table is a piece of furniture designed to give you a specific space where you can apply your makeup and perform any type of personal care routine. This cabinet is perfect for storing your favorite skincare products, as well as all the delicate makeup, accessories, and jewelry you don’t want to spoil over time. It’s important to note that this piece of furniture can be multifunctional depending on its size and design, so you can also use it to read a book, have a cup of coffee, or even do some work on your laptop.

Why do you need a good dressing table?

The biggest benefit of having a dressing table in your home is that you will be able to have a space just for yourself. Since this piece of furniture can be multifunctional, it is useful to have it so that you always have a place to sit and be able to carry out your daily work without stress.

This type of furniture almost always has mirrors and drawers, which give it an extra storage spot. It’s also to your advantage because then you have a place to store your favorite Makeup Vanities items so they don’t get damaged by misplacement.

What vanity to buy?

Before choosing a good vanity unit, it is important to consider factors such as size, materials, accessories, and even installation. These key factors are as follows:

Types of dressing tables

Whether on the Internet or in stores, you will find many models of Vanitiess. Each is quite different, so I suggest you think about its features to know which one is best for you. I can categorize them as follows so that you can distinguish them more easily:

Mirrorless Vanities

This Vanitiess focus on functionality and storage, which is why they don’t come with mirrors. They almost always have a small and functional design, but at the same time have several drawers so you can store your makeup. They are usually cheap because they don’t have mirrors or many details.

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Vanities with fixed mirror

Vanities with fixed mirrors often have a practical format but have enough room for the mirror to stand upright. However, some allow you to move the mirror, rotate it, and even store it aside. As for storage, it depends on the extra space left outside the mirror.\

Classic Vanities

As the name suggests, they are based on the design of the famous Makeup Vanities dressing table that has been around for many years. They have plenty of space for makeup, but also have 3 mirrors in the middle for a better understanding of what you’re doing. These Vanities tend to take up more space and rarely have a minimalist design, so they are for those who really want the most luxurious and largest Vanities.

Standing, floating, or folding Vanities

You can’t ignore this aspect either, I can divide it for you like this:

Standing vanity

They are the most common because they only stand on the floor and the mirror is always on it. They are great for avoiding driving screws into the wall. 

Floating Vanities

For those who prefer modernity and minimalism, these are probably the most aesthetically pleasing as everything is fastened to the wall.

Wall Mounted Vanities

Unlike floating ones, these Vanities have a higher dimension and can be screwed to the wall or even stand on the floor. They feature their feet designed to be non-slip so they don’t tip forward, and in those cases where they’re screwed to the wall, they’re often foldable to save space.


Before choosing a good vanity, you should analyze the space in which you are going to install it, be it your room or any other room in your home. That’s why size cannot be ignored, especially if you want to take advantage of all the features of this piece of furniture.

Small Vanities

These are ideal for small spaces. If your room is small, or you don’t have the space for a large, luxurious piece of furniture, opt for more practical vanities, even if they don’t have mirrors.

Large Vanities

Conversely, if you have more room to fit your vanity, then you can go as large as you want. Remember, these Vanities also include tall mirrors or mirrors that cover a lot of space.

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