What Is a Scrum Master? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Scrum Master is an individual who has been certified with any of the Scrum Master certifications provided by the Scrum Alliances. The Scrum Master certifications thus provided include a range of certificates that include foundation levels, advanced levels, and professional level certificates like – A – CSM Certification, CSM, CSPO, CSP – SM, CSD, etc.

These certificates have been divided into 3 different categories:-

Scrum Master Track: – it consists of certificates like CSM, A-CSM, etc.

Product owner track: – It includes CSPO, A – CSPO, etc.

Developer track: – it includes CSD, etc.

These are generally valid for a period of two years, at the end of which the individual is expected to deposit the renewal fees or take the test again.

Who’s the Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is generally expected to be well versed with the knowledge about scrum as well as agile methods and technologies. The Scrum Master is generally appointed the team head and manages and organizes the scrum team. The several duties and features of a Scrum Master are mentioned below.

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Roles of a Scrum Master in project handling and team management

  • At the product owner level, a certified Scrum Master sees to it that there are efficient planning and cooperation between the service providers and the product owner and helps the latter understand scrum techniques and practices that come under the purview of their product.
  • The Scrum Master also helps in the appropriate application of scrum techniques to project management.
  • In a scrum team, a Scrum Master provides guidance, support, help, and understanding to the team they head and ensures the application of scrum techniques for increasing efficiency meanwhile adhering to the consumer requirements and thus delivering exceptional products and services.
  • The Scrum Master holds scrum myth-buster exercises to refresh the knowledge of his or her teammates and give them a hint of refreshment.
  • The Scrum Master is referred to as the servant leader of the scrum team. He or she is expected to be the guiding star as well as a team member of the scrum team.
  • He/she holds daily stand-up sessions to discuss completed, pending, and stay goals as well as the problems that occurred while completing the tasks. They take into consideration every positive criticism, suggestion, and feedback provided by their teammates and put them to work.
  • He/she preside over the daily sessions.
  • The Scrum Master represents the scrum team, usually in meetings that occur between various correlated teams handling the project. Here, the Scrum Master is responsible for any success, failure, a defective product that has been obtained by his or her team.
  • The risks that may be encountered in the process of execution of a project can be efficiently handled by the Scrum Master, and the methods undertaken to eradicate them can be used in mitigating further similar risks by the same team or other teams working on a similar product and with a similar goal.
  • He/she maintain and update user stories, epics, etc., as per the scrum methodologies.
  • The Scrum Master ensures that the end results are produced and delivered after each iteration according to expectation (s).
  • Ownership and transparency within and beyond the team are maintained by the Scrum Master.
  • He/ she is the questionable person in case the team falters, i.e., he/she is responsible for the action of the team.
  • Collaboration between the team members is seen by the Scrum Master.
  • The Scrum Master does the retrospection of the sprint and checks whether the goals meant to be completed in the sprint have been efficiently handled or not, the lacunas, the takeaways, etc.

A leader is a person who motivates the team members and gets the work done efficiently. A Scrum Master is thus rightfully called the team leader of a scrum team. Certified personnel employed as a Scrum Master sees to it that the profit is maximized, defects and losses are minimized, scrum techniques are applied to project management, and finally, that the client is satisfied. Thus, the Scrum Master is an important asset to any organization based on the features on advantages he or she can provide, as mentioned above.

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