What Is Black Day?

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Black Day holds diverse meanings across the globe, marking historical events or serving as a symbol of remembrance or protest. In India and various parts of the world, Black Day has significant connotations, especially on February 14th. Let’s explore the essence of Black Day and its various facets.

What Is Black Day?

Black Day signifies a day of mourning, remembrance, or protest observed in different countries, each with its unique historical context and significance. It serves as a reminder of past events, injustices, or moments of collective sorrow.

Black Day In India On February 14th

In India, particularly on February 14th, Black Day is observed by certain groups or communities to mark the memory of a tragic event. This date holds significance in relation to incidents or historical occurrences that evoke sentiments of sorrow or protest.

Black Day In Kashmir

In the context of Kashmir, February 14th is observed as a Black Day by some to mark the anniversary of a tragic incident. This day is remembered to honor the lives lost and to protest against certain historical events or political situations.

Historical Significance Of Black Day

Black Day may refer to various historical events or occurrences that left a lasting impact on communities or nations. It could symbolize wartime tragedies, political upheavals, or incidents that evoke collective sorrow or protest.

Observance Of Black Day

  • Remembrance: Black Day is observed as a day of remembrance, honoring the memories of those affected by tragic events or injustices.
  • Protest: It can also serve as a form of protest against perceived injustices or to raise awareness about unresolved issues or grievances.

Black Day In Recent Years

The observance of Black Day in 2021 and its continuation in subsequent years underscores the enduring significance of historical events and the impact they have on communities or nations.


In essence, Black Day encompasses various historical contexts, holding different meanings for different communities. It serves as a reminder of tragic events, injustices, or moments of collective sorrow, prompting remembrance, reflection, and sometimes protest. Observing Black Day allows communities to honor the past, raise awareness, and strive for acknowledgment or resolution of unresolved issues.


What Is Black Day In India?

Share this story: India considers February 14 to be a “black day” due to the Pulwama attacks in which 40 CRPF bravehearts were killed in one of the deadliest attacks on Indian security forces.

What Is A Black Day?

Black Day (블랙데이) is found only in South Korea, observed by single people that missed out on the previous two love fests. The name is a cheeky reference to those with loveless black hearts and their loneliness, as if the world’s population of unattached people are all deeply depressed by remaining independent.

Why Is Kashmir Called Black Day?

The 27th of October is observed the world over as ‘Black Day’ as 74 years ago, on this day, India without any legal justification, forcibly took control of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

What Happened On 27 October 1947?

On Oct. 27, 1947, Indian troops positioned themselves in Kashmir’s largest city, Srinagar, after India and Pakistan gained their independence from the British colonial rule. The anniversary of this Indian action is observed by Pakistanis and Kashmiris as “Black Day,” while India commemorates it as “Accession Day.”

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