What is black peek and bearing grade peek

PEEK is a designed thermoplastic with strong chemicals and mechanical tolerance, and heat resistance that can withstand extreme. With a theoretical maximum operating temperature of 480°F and excellent mechanical property preservation up to 570°F in a vapor or higher moisture environment, PEEK outperforms other materials in terms of mechanical and electronic capabilities. 

PEEK’s high chemical durability has allowed it to function as a metal/stainless steel substitute in corrosive conditions, and it has proved to be a viable substitute for substances that price up to 10 times higher. PEEK withstand many organic and inorganic fluids and is neutral to all conventional solvents.

This black PEEK is an elevated plastic with good UV protection, perfect for use outdoors. The original hue of PEEK sheets is also accessible. PEEK was among the first strong industrial materials to come on the market.


PEEK is a robust, sturdy, stiff, and creep-resistant slightly elevated thermoplastic. It has good heat, mechanical, and hydro tolerance and abrasive and static damage tolerance. PEEK is a viable substitute to polymer materials in dangerous conditions because of its capacity to perform at perpetuator temperatures (480o F), sans lasting damaged property and steady electrochemical performance. When exposed to high temperatures, PEEK has been demonstrated to emit relatively little smoke and hazardous gas. 

Cellulose fibers, graphene, and PTFE lubrication have strengthened Bearing Grade PEEK. The PEEK classes have the minimum frictional resistance and the finest excellent mechanical properties. It possesses a low coefficient of thermal expansion, low attrition, high restricting PV, and low mounting part wear, in addition to low tensile strength. Bearing Grade PEEK is offered in black and dark grey sheets or rods.

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  • High efficiency and excellent heat tolerance
  • Engineering and manufacturing qualities that are high throughout a broad temperature range
  • Excellent chemical tolerance
  • High vapor resistivity
  • Gamma radiation susceptibility
  • Moisture content is minimal.
  • Excellent abrasion and fatigue strength
  • Smoke and hazardous gas emissions are minimal.
  • Exceptional fire resistance
  • Fabrication is simple

Last but not the least

Bearing Grade PEEK is fiberglass reinforced compound including graphene and PTFE fluids. It has minimum frictional resistance and requires less external lubricating, making it an excellent option for load-bearing capacity components. Bearing Grade PEEK is suited for all PV categories, with low abrasive wear ratios, superior thermal dispersion, high tensile strength at top and bottom PV.

A black-colored variant of PEEK is readily available to unlined PEEK native, which is rustic wooden in hue. Ensinger’s TECAPEEK dark is made from Victrex® Polycarbonate 450G polymers or Solvay KetaSpire® KT-820. It comes in rod, plate, and tubular forms in various sizes. In contrast to any other normal PEEK features, this black-tinted form of PEEK polymer exhibits better UV protection, making it a perfect product for environmental usage.