What You Need to Know About Trade Jobs and Schooling

Over  in the U.S. have changed or lost their jobs during the pandemic. Now, more people are getting back to work but not for the employers they worked for before the pandemic. With many jobs in high demand, now is a great time to pursue a new, fulfilling career path. 

Essential worker roles are one area that has been in constant high demand throughout the pandemic. These crucial roles include trade jobs like electricians and plumbers. With increased demand, it’s easier to find a position in your chosen trade. 

So, how do you start a career in a high-demand, lucrative trade position? Read on to learn more about trade jobs and how to get the right skills to launch your career. 

Benefits of Trade Jobs

Trade jobs often involve technical knowledge in a particular field and manual labor. Requirements to work a trade job vary. Some may require you to be licensed or certified, while others might only require a high school diploma or GED to start. 

Although you need specific skills to work a trade, you can often acquire job training through an apprenticeship or trade school. You can then get hired and earn money as you learn. These factors mean trade jobs are more affordable in the long run than attending a traditional four-year college. 

Many trade jobs begin at $40,000 a year, and this salary increases as your experience increases. Trade jobs are always in demand, no matter the economy, meaning you will always have plenty of opportunities. 

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Different Types of Trades 

Trade jobs in demand today include electricians, plumbers, and welders. But they also include less labor-intensive roles, like nursing and dental hygienists. With such a variety of jobs, there are plenty of career paths you can pursue. 

When choosing a trade career path, it’s best to choose a trade job in demand in your area. You’ll also want to be aware of the physical requirements and if you are capable of performing the job for years to come. 

What Is Trade School? 

Sometimes called a technical or vocational school, trade schools specialize in teaching students the skillsets needed for specialized careers. Students can earn certificates, diplomas, and licenses necessary to prove they have the skills required to work in a trade field. Their programs can run anywhere from ten weeks to two years. 

Why Go to Trade School?

Trade school programs are rigorous and fast-paced. But, they teach you all the skills required for your trade in a shorter amount of time. So, you can get to work and start earning money sooner than it would take to get a bachelor’s degree at a minor cost.  

Like students attending four-year colleges, trade school applicants can be eligible for financial aid and scholarships to make their education more affordable. 

Trade school programs have fewer students. As a result, you can receive more personalized training from teachers. 

These schools also have connections with employers in their communities. They can help you start an apprenticeship while studying and find a job once you’ve completed the program. 

Begin Your Career Journey Today 

The trade job market is in high demand, making it the perfect time to launch a new career. If you are worried you don’t have the skills, you can learn everything you need in a short amount of time through a trade school. In the long run, trade jobs will save you money and provide incredible job stability. 

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