Why Convert Word to PDF and How to Convert for Free

Why Convert Word to PDF and How to Convert for Free?

by Mahesh Kokare

Do you have a word document that you want to convert into a PDF? Does it intrigue you why people need to convert their Word to PDF? What does a PDF have that a Word doesn’t have, anyway? If you’re in search of an article to explain these very questions and want to know why you’ll probably use a PDF along the way, and how to easily convert Word to PDF free, then read on. 

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Why Convert Word to PDF?

Not everyone has the same type of computer, right? The difference can range from factors like model, brand, material, functions, and of course the length of service. Some of us use the latest versions of computers, and some of us have reliable models that stood the test of time. The same goes for models of software that we install and use. 

But through these devices, we create, share and download files like Word documents. But since we use different software and devices, we come up with different outputs. Why is this an issue? Basically, different devices make different outputs that make it hard for them to be always compatible with everyone. 

So when a Word document is created in a 2007 Microsoft version and is sent to a device that has a 2010 version it might prompt the user that it cannot support the format or it might open the document but it might come out as a distorted file. 

So with this issue in mind, the PDF was created. The PDF was made to access and view a file on any device, regardless of what version of software and hardware is used. 

Making it a universal format that anyone can share so matter how many times Microsoft office upgrades its products. People can still create files and share them without running into incompatibility. 

With that said, here are the reasons you would probably also love to use PDF:

Guards Your Files

PDF also was created to answer problems of file security and file size management Once you open a PDF file it becomes viewable but not easily editable. The purpose of a PDF is mainly for sharing and viewing a document. But this doesn’t mean it cannot be edited. However, a PDF has more edge in terms of security. A PDF, with the help of a reliable PDF reader, can be encrypted and locked. Which allows people to transmit their files without the worry of anyone accessing them without their permission. A PDF can also be given security that limits others to simply viewing the file and not be able to edit it. Other formats that we use barely have this feature and capacity. 

Lightweight and Transportable 

The PDF is also a light file format. People nowadays save a lot of information on their devices since information is very accessible via the internet. However, files could carry and consume a lot of space in our hard drives and the more we save (and forget to delete) the more our devices become slower and slower. PDF is also known as the Portable Document Format made file sharing and saving lighter. If you compare it to other formats, the PDF has a smaller appetite for space. It can also be compressed to make your files more compact. 

These are the reasons people convert their files (mostly their Word documents) to make sure that when they share it the format remains in place, the files can be accessed via different devices, it Is light to share, save and download and it provides a secure way to transmit them. 

Convert Word to PDF for Free with PDFBear

Now if you’re wondering how you can convert a Word to a PDF for free, the solution is with PDFBear. This website helps people around the globe, catering to 22 languages, to do this task. You can go to their website right now and try to convert your files for free and below are the simple steps to guide you do it:

  1. Pick the option Word to PDF converter. This will redirect you to the converter page. 
  2. Then you can either drag and drop your files from your desktop to the page or download your file by clicking the select button and choose from your device or your Dropbox if you have. 
  3. Once you have selected your file, it will autostart the conversion. 
  4. You can then download the converted file to your device or Dropbox or share the link with others to download. Then you’re done. 


Along with the free Word to PDF converter you can find are many other tools in PDFBear that you can use to secure, edit, organize your PDF. So what makes a PDF so lovable? Well, you need to experience using it yourself.

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