Why is it Better to use Virtual Numbers for Registration?

With the development of internet technology, more and more services are requiring users to provide their real phone number in order to register. This allows large companies to get rid of bots and spammers on their platforms, but is it so safe for ordinary users? Let’s find out. 

Why is it unsafe to give your personal phone number when registering?

Publishing your mobile phone number on the Internet can lead to unpleasant consequences. Here are a few reasons why entering your personal phone number in registrations is dangerous:

  1. The risk of excessive data collection: By providing your phone number, you allow services to collect additional information about you. This information can be used to customize advertising campaigns as well as to identify you online.
  2. Account hacker risk: Providing your phone number when you register on the site may give attackers additional information to compromise your account. If a hacker gains access to your account, he can use the data you entered during registration.
  3. Spam Risk: Your phone number may be sold to third parties who would use it to send unwanted SMS messages, promotional offers, or even scams.
  4. Risk of identity theft: By giving your phone number, you give away some of your personal information. An attacker could use this information to use your identity for their own purposes, such as opening a bank account or ordering services.
  5. Password sniffing risk: If an attacker gets access to your phone number, they can use it to sniff your password. For example, a malefactor can order a password reset on your account, and then get the confirmation code via SMS using different malware.

So, by stating your real phone number when you register online, you increase the risk of excessive data collection about you, account hacking, spam, identity theft and password snatching. These dangers can lead to identity theft, financial loss or even fraud. It is therefore worth carefully checking the reliability of the site or service you are registering with and considering using an anonymous virtual number to receive SMS before providing your phone number.

What to do if you don’t trust a particular online service or simply don’t want to use your personal number to register and there is no other way to register? We recommend using free SMS number

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What is a Virtual SMS Phone Number?

A virtual SMS phone number is a mobile phone number which is not associated with a specific physical device, but is used to receive SMS via the internet. You do not need to give your personal details to get these mobile phones, and in some cases you can get them completely free of charge.

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Benefits of virtual SMS number include:

  • Completely anonymous: such phone numbers allow privacy and anonymity when receiving messages as they are not linked to a physical device and can be used without revealing personal details.
  • Geographical independence: An online SMS number can be linked to any location in the world, allowing you to receive messages from anywhere in the world.
  • Cost Savings: Such mobile numbers can be used instead of a conventional mobile phone to receive SMS, which can significantly reduce the cost of buying a SIM card.
  • Automation: More advanced users can integrate with an API which can greatly simplify and speed up the process of receiving messages.

However, be aware that the use of a virtual SMS number may be restricted in some countries and services and may also result in some limitations in functionality, such as the ability to receive messages from certain senders.