Why to Sell On GCP Marketplace

With this being said, it can be assumed that majority of the business today are relying on cloud-based solutions for some obvious reasons. It is the right time that you think of entering the GCP marketplace when you do not worry about the devices for the developments. Since dependency is now growing, need for the cloud-certified engineers go up. And to make it very simple for the tech community out there, many cloud computing certifications are made available on the internet. But hold on! You may be looking for it on Google.

What’s Google Cloud?

The GCP marketplace is an amazing suite of public cloud computing solutions by Google where you can write, design, and deploy cloud-hosted apps. The public clouds provide several new & exciting methods to bring apps to their end-users. They provide developers an ability to give more time in solving the real problems just by leveraging the managed solutions. 

The GCP marketplace is a product of years of experience running the largest & successful web services. They use infrastructure that Google uses internally, so security and reliability will be some of their primary concerns deeply integrated into the GCP’s infrastructure. Cloud Storage is the online file storage solution by Google that will help to store data in the cloud just by using its infrastructure.

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The reason for choosing Google Cloud Hosting comes with several benefits. 

  • Availability of good pricing options 
  • Benefits of the migration of the live machine
  • Improved performance & execution
  • Commitment to stable development & expansion
  • The private network offers maximum time and efficiency
  • Control & security of cloud platform
  • Inbuilt redundant backups will ensure reliability and data integrity sales 

The solution is made for the service providers who would like to sell the online services on the GCP Marketplace with Integrated Billing & provide the customers Single Sign-On experience in their Frontend inclusive cloud service option.

Increase your seller credibility & catalog selling power, by placing Google products on the sales portfolio. You can choose Google Cloud Partner and will not have to go through your Google partner app process and get sales certifications. You may start selling right away after launching the Platform – and no commitments and up-front investments that you have to make.

  • Initial Subscription & automated message processing
  • Single Sign-On Token decoding & verification
  • API calls for the activation of the accounts entitlements & plan changes
  • Account & Entitlement creation with synchronization 
  • Provisioning of services according to purchased plans of GCP Marketplace
  • With the tool, you may speed up the time to market.

Final Words

Google cloud certifications or courses will help anybody with their simple materials, solutions, as well as and effective presence in this business world. Future computing will be cloud-based, so there’s not any doubt that Google may significantly improvise on it. As a cloud-based service may grow in the future, Google cloud certifications & training can grow their importance with time.

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