Why You Should Consider Other Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin in Your Portfolio

The world just discovered cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s rapid rise and fall have left the cryptocurrency market in a precarious position. Investors are looking for an alternative to Bitcoin, which is currently undergoing a slow but steady recovery. Many “alt-coins” have risen to the occasion by offering unique value propositions or using different algorithms such as Scrypt, meaning that they’re unlikely to undergo the same drastic valuation swings that Bitcoin has experienced in recent months.

The market is critical as it provides a glimpse into the future of our society. Understanding how to navigate this market is crucial to success, whether you’re an investor or a blockchain enthusiast. If you’re a casual investor or new to this space, you may be confused as to why there are so many cryptocurrencies. When you look at a single currency such as Bitcoin, it is easy to see why it’s superior to fiat money. However, the market is different. In the traditional financial markets, there is one dominant currency. It has historically been US dollars, which makes sense because the US is a major global economic power.

Cheaper Picks:

BTC USD is the only cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin that is a ‘fiat’ currency, meaning it has value in the real world. That’s important to remember if you’re planning to invest in a currency that has no intrinsic value, like Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Burstcoin. The table to the left shows a rough price estimate for 5 of the most popular currencies besides Bitcoin. Notice that there is a huge spread between the values of these currencies, even though they all trade under $1 per unit. This demonstrates the volatility in this market, which could make your investment worthless overnight. The trick to making money trading these currencies is to avoid buying and selling within a period of 24 hours.

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Bitcoin Volatility:

The other important thing to remember when looking at cryptocurrency compared to traditional markets is that BTC has high volatility. In general, high volatility means higher potential gains, but it can also mean that you could lose your entire investment in a short period of time. Even though we have seen huge fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin in recent months, you should consider Bitcoin a very safe investment, given its history and liquidity. However, it’s important to look at the entire cryptocurrency market. The most popular currencies have extremely low liquidity, meaning you would need a lot of money to make a profit in this market. The Quantum AI Trading platform is the perfect place for anyone who wants to trade bitcoin in volatile markets.

Cryptocurrency Potential as A Whole:

Another important thing to remember is that cryptocurrency has the potential to be a huge market. As we’ve seen, Bitcoin and BTCUSD have been able to recover from steep losses with relative ease. However, it still takes a lot of investment capital to make significant gains in these markets. This demonstrates that there is a lot of room for growth in this market. You should keep your mind open when considering different currencies because they all have their own merit if you’re interested in expanding your portfolio beyond Bitcoin.

They have more growth potential:

The currencies with the largest market cap have the potential to grow significantly beyond their current valuations. They have the most liquidity, and they have the most potential to grow. However, this is one area where you should avoid multiple investments because you’re drastically increasing your risk of losing your investment. If you’re looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, you should consider investing in multiple currencies. Although they are risky because of their volatile nature, they still have more growth potential than fiat currencies.

Many cryptos let you earn rewards by staking:

Even though the currency value might not go up, it can still be a good investment if you’re interested in earning rewards. The currencies with the largest market cap have alt-coins that let you earn rewards to redeem for that currency. These alt-coins are referred to as ‘staking’ currencies, and there are many examples of this type of currency where you earn more coins for staking the currency.

Undervalued cryptos:

If you’re looking for a way to get into the cryptocurrency market, but you don’t want to invest in the most popular currencies, you can use the alt-coins that have really low prices relative to their potential value. These currencies have less liquidity, and they’re generally not supported by major mining pools like Litecoin or Ethereum. However, they have a lot of potential, and they could surprise the more experienced investors in this market because of their low valuation.


As you can see, the market for cryptocurrency can be very different from other financial markets. You should always do your research before you invest in any type of currency. The most popular currencies have a lot of support, and they’re generally stable. However, it’s important to consider other currencies because they have the potential to offer better returns on investment than fiat money, especially if they have a lot of growth potential. Whether you’re just getting started or you want to capitalize on the glorious future, you should consider investing in cryptocurrency.

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